Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Movie of Fright Awards Results!

Well in the beginning of February we told you about The Movies of Fright Awards. and we gave you a good 3 weeks to vote for your favorite horror movie of 2008 and many other categories to vote on.
So here are the results for 2009 Movie of Fright Awards!
Best Horror Film of 2009
The candidates are Alien vs Predator: Requiem,One Missed Call,The Ruins,Teeth,Prom Night,Shutter,The Hills Have Eyes 2,The Eye,The Strangers,Vacancy,Quarantine,Saw 5,My Bloody Valentine Underworld:Rise of Lycans
And the winner is with 57% of the vote The Strangers

Goriest Horror Film of 2008
The candidates are..Teeth,The Strangers,Saw 5,The Hills Have Eyes 2,
The Ruins,The Eye,My Bloody Valentine.
The winner is with 43% of the vote is Teeth

Best Horror Film of all Time
The Candidates are....Saw,Halloween,Friday The 13th,The Omen,The Exorcist, The Hills Have Eyes (1977),Alien,Predator,Jeepers Creepers,Night of the Living Dead (1968),Candyman,Child's Play,It,The Birds,Poltergeist,Jaws,A Nightmare on Elm Street,Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
The winner is with 50% is Halloween

Goriest Horror Movie Ever
The candidates are.... Halloween,Friday The 13th,House of 1000 Corpses,
The Devil's Rejects,Dawn of the Dead,Saw,The Thing,A Nightmare on Elm Street,Hostel.
The winner with 52% of the vote is Hostel

Worst Horror Movie of 2008
The candidates are.....Teeth,The Happening,Aliens vs Predator: Requiem,Prom Night.
The winner is with 62% of the vote and no surprise at all The Happening

Well that was our Fright Awards results. We want to give a big thanks to all the people who voted this year. We also want to give a huge Thanks to Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio. and to poll host for help make the votes count. also remember the results will be posted on our site so check it out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

One More Day Left To Vote!

Reminder folks. If you have or have not voted for annual Movies of Fright Awards. You only have one more day left to vote! The voting will be closed Tuesday night. and then we will announce the winners of the awards.
So got to our website to vote for our categories. So please Vote!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday the 13th (Remake) Horror Review

Hello. As you know last week was Friday the 13Th and I am sure you new about the Big remake of the old slasher film Friday the 13Th. As much as I hate horror movie remakes I thought I would go and see it. So here is the review for Friday the 13Th!
Friday the 13th Pictures, Images and Photos
Now I was pretty surprised of Friday the 13th turned out. It was a pretty good film for a remake. In this remake they out all the movies together into one. So it shows how Jason got his famous hockey mask and a lot more things that you will find out when you watch the movie. Now this remake was one of the better remakes I have seen because they did not add to much shit that makes it really stupid like some remakes I have seen. Now the beginning is really cool,it gets you interested right from the start which is really good. The only thing that was bad about it is the dialogue in it which really sucked. It was very cheesy but that is a slasher film for you! But it was really gory but its a Jason film so you kinda suspect that. But all in all it was pretty good.
Our rating is 4 out of 6 skulls.
Now just for a reminder you only have ONE MORE WEEK LEFT TO VOTE FOR OUR FRIGHT AWARDS! We have a lot of votes so far but if you did not vote yet you better hurry cause we will be announcing the winners next Tuesday. So please vote.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reminder one more week left to vote

Reminder for all you guys who have not voted yet for our Fright Awards.
You only have one more week left to do it. So please go to our site to vote.
and we will be announcing the winners Tuesday Feb. 23.
Also for this weeks newsletter we will be reviewing the new Friday the 13th film.
so stay tuned

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday The 13th

Hello all. I hope you all enjoy your Friday The 13th. Also i hope you guys go and see the new Friday 13th film.
And have great Valentines Day
friday 13th Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The Village" Horror Movie Review!

Hello all! and welcome for another newsletter from us. This weeks newsletter we got another review for you. We are reviewing a kinda old one but I just watched it again and thought I would review for it for you. So we are reviewing..... "The Village" which was directed by M.Night Shyamaln.
the village Pictures, Images and Photos

"The Village" was one of the best movies I have seen by M.Night Shyamaln. Next to the Sixth Sense. But anyways The Village was pretty boring at the start of the movie but gets better as it goes. Now I wish it was more scary then it actually is. It has it's good parts and bad parts. But the bad parts kinda take over the movie. But if you if you stick with the movie it will get pretty good. Now I am a big M.Night Shyamaln fan. So when the movie came out I had to see it. Now the best part of the whole movie is the surprise ending. Which to me or any one who likes endings that just slap you across the face it was pretty good. I think it could have been a lot better but it what are you going to do? The Village is a lot better then The Happening which gotta haft to be the most stupidest movie I have ever seen! But i just wish their was more scary parts in it. But a good movie to watch if you want to see the ending!
So our final rating is.. 3 out of 6 skulls!
As we told last week we are having another vote for you. Which you vote for your favorite horror movie of 2008 and other categories to vote on. But we just added another categories for you. Here it is.
The worst horror movie of 2009: Teeth,The Happening,Aliens vs Predator: Requiem and Prom Night.
We hope you come and vote on our website . Now polls will close February 23rd. So you have two more weeks left to vote!
Thanks you for reading.
and hope every one has a great Valentines Day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

deadly news preview 2-9-09

Hey, in this week we will be having hopefully another Horror movie review of the village. Which will be another one for you and we have another category for the Awards. Which it looks like it will be pushed back 23rd.
So don't forget to vote and we also make sure you listen to channel 66.6 for some great horror news

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Movie of Fright Awards 2009!

Hello everyone,
As we told you in our last edition of our newsletter we got something big for you. Well we do! So let us explain.

We are having another vote for you guys but instead of voting for your favorite haunted house your voting for your favorite Horror Movie and many other Categorizes. And Since it is awards show season we will be giving out our Fright Awards to the winners of each categorize.

Here is the Candidates and Categorizes for our Movies of Fright Awards.

Best Horror Movie of 2008: Alien vs Predator: Requiem ,One Missed Call,The Ruins,Teeth,Prom Night,Shutter,The Hills Have Eyes 2,The Eye,The Strangers,Vacancy,Quarantine,Saw 5,My Bloody Valentine,Underworld:Rise of Lycans.

Goriest horror movie of 2009:Teeth,The Strangers,Saw 5,The Hills Have Eyes 2,The Ruins,The Eye,My Bloody Valentine

Best Horror Movie of All Time:Saw,Halloween,Friday The 13th,The Omen,The Exorcist,The Hills Have Eyes (1977),Alien,Predator,Jeepers Creepers,Night of the Living Dead (1968),Candyman,Child's Play,It,The Birds,Poltergeist,Jaws,A Nightmare on Elm Street,Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Goriest Horror Movie of All Time: Halloween,Friday the 13th,House of 1000 Corpses,The Devil Rejects,Dawn of the Dead,Saw,The thing,A nightmare on Elm Street,Hostel,Wrong Turn.

Those are the Candidates and Categorizes for the award show. Now voting will be closed on Tuesday February 24th 2009. Here is how you can vote. Go to our website and click on the picture that shows the awards. Then pick a Categorize and just click on it and vote.(you only can vote for once on each categorize per day).

So go to our website
or our Fright Forum http://frightforum. proboards. com/
So make sure you come and vote for your favorite movie. its your turn to vote.

We want to thank Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio for helping us out.

So come on and vote

Monday, February 2, 2009

Deadly news preview 2-2-09

Now as we told you in the last preview and the last news letter we ha something plan for you guys. Well we do,we are having another election for you. This one is going to be on your favorite horror movies of all time and other categorizes. On the next issue of horror news we will give you all the details.
also we got a birth day in the club!
President Dustin Paras will celebrate is birth day on Sunday feb. 8th
So wish him happy Birth day if you have a chance!