Sunday, October 23, 2011

We are sorry!

Hello all,
Its been a very,very, long time since Mchc has posted anything these last couple couple months.
We want to say we are sorry for not letting anyone know were we went. Its been a crazy couple of months for us we have been to busy in our own personal lifes to even get back into running the club. We are really sorry, you guys have no idea how hard its been for us not to even run the club and actually skip this years haunt season but we needed to take the time for our self's instead of running this club, it broke our hearts to even write this so we kind of just went missing in action and not let anyone know what is going on. We are sorry about that, we really are.

But... don't think we are done forever, we are preparing a huge comeback coming after the 2011 haunt season, we are making some changes and possibly start new ideas in the next coming months, So look forward to us coming back in mid November to early December 2011. We WILL BE BACK, and we promise we will be better then ever.

Motor city horror club would like to thank our proud sponsor Haunted Radio, for being with us every step of the way and making this club the what it is today,
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We want to say we are sorry for everything and we promise we will be back very soon,
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Hope everyone is having a great haunt season

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer of Screams 2011

Hello all
As promised we are back in action with a brand new segment.
This new segment is called Summer of Screams. We have been doing this segment for 2 years now and it's one of our favorite segments. During summer of screams we give you the list of our favorite haunted attractions in Michigan in the 2010 haunt season. Each week we will give a new list out.
This week we are telling you our Top 5 Favorite Haunted Houses of 2010 haunt season!!

So here we go!

#5. Saint Lucifers Haunted Asylum. Located in Grandblank Michigan. This haunt is really crazy and scary. It has great effects and it's still a old school type of haunt. Not to much of special effects, but still has some great scares. If your looking to get scared this is the place to go. Please go to there site:

#4. Scream Machine. Located in Taylor, Michigan. This haunt is one of my favorites and we go to it every year. It has great special effects and great scenes in it. The "Hellevator" is one of the best parts of the haunt. It has good scares, but the effects is what captured my vote.
Go to there site:

#3. Demonic Demons. Located in Detroit, Michigan. This haunt is absolutely crazy. It's very in your face type of a haunt. They do things that I have never ever seen at a haunted house. It's not suited for everyone. You haft to know it's in your face and it will give you a scare unlike any haunt anywhere Else.

#2. Extreme Scream. Located in Waterford Michigan. This haunt is one of my favorites. I go to it every year and never ever get let down. This year is no different! This years haunt was amazing. Great Scares and great scenes. They are all old School. Witch is the reason why it makes number 2. Its all time one of my favorite haunts.
Go to there site:

#1. Deadly Intentions. Located in Warren Michigan. Do we haft to really explain why we chose deadly as number one?? It Tops the list on everything: Scares,gore,scenes everything we look for in a haunt is under one roof. Nothing can ever beat deadly intentions.

Well that was our list. We hope you enjoyed it. Next week we are doing our top 6 haunts in Ohio I hope you guys in enjoyed it and make sure to go to our sit Http://
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We are Back in Action!!

Hello all,
After many, many, weeks we are finnally back in action here at MCHC.
We know it has been a long time we have posted any thing for the club and we are sorry for kinda disspereing from everyone with out notice. We have been really busy with everything, School, Work, and just life in genreal. We were so busy that when it came down to making a newsletter we just let it go to the next week, and weeks became months and we decided that it would be easier to wait to school is over with to ever do anything with the club. We are sorry again but it was becoming to be a job to do this every week and it was so much eaiser to wait.
But guess what? school is over with and we are back in action. We are currnetly thinking of great ideas for the summer and more.
We are going to start up with a new segment starting next week.
We are going to start our Summer of Screams celebration.
We also want to let you know if you got any ideas for the club please email us at, we would love any new suggestions for the club.
We are sorry for missing so long but we are glad to say we are back in action for good.
Thanks for staying with MCHC and make sure to check out our site
We will see you next week

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

History of Horror Movies

Horror movies
Hello all
This week is our last week of Haunted History Month were we go trough the history of certain topics like The history of haunted attractions, history of Halloween and many more topics.
But now we are getting to the end of this segment and our grand finally

So here it is... The History of Horror Movies
Horror movies started to get very popular from the 1930's trough the 1940's. Many American producers started to create Horror Movies such like Universal Pictures. Universal was the foundation of horror movies. They brought the hit horror movie classics like Dracula in 1931,and The Mummy in 1932. Those movies started what we would call Gothic Horror Movies. Those films were some of the most scariest films people at that time would ever seen next too Frankenstein which came out in 1931 with Boris Karloff playing the Monster. In the 1940's Universal was still creating classics like The Wolf man in 1941 and also made sequels to Frankenstein.

But in 1950's and 1960's Horror movies would get a huge change. Since their were some big changes in television in the 50's. Some horror movies were being broadcast in color. Their were tons and tons of Horror Movies and SCFI movies being made in the 50's. But one of the best Horror Movies came in the 60's when Alford Hitchcock's Psycho was made it was the first movie that instead of monsters or ghost it was Humans doing the scaring. Another Hitchcock's film in this time was The Birds(1963) was made. Another huge change in Horror Films was George A. Romero's made Night of the Living Dead in 1968. Night of the Living Dead was the first Zombie movie.

In the 1970's horror movies got way More scary and gory. Their was a lot of great horror movies in this time like The Exorcist which was made in 1973 and was a box office smash! Another huge hit was Jaws which was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975. There was also The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But the best one was in 1978 when John Carpenter directed Halloween. Halloween was the largest grossing independent film ever made!

In the 80's there were a lot of slasher films made during this time like Friday the 13th in 1981, and A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. That explains the history of Horror Movies from the start were it took off. Now I can keep writing about horror movies now. But I don't think the history is good as it was when they First came out!

We hope you enjoyed our last Haunted History month post of the year, we had a really good year with feedback from this , and we want top Thank everyone for reading and giving postive feedback.

Next Week we will not have a new newsletter because we will be out of town, but we will be back the following week with a brand new segment.
So thanks for reading

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hollywood and Haunted Attractons

Hello all,
This week we are about to finsh up our Haunted History month.
This week we are doing one of our favorite articles, Haunted Attractions and Hollywood.

Haunted attractions have always scared people since they first started. But over the years props have changed so much. But now haunted houses have gotten the idea to use props that movies use in Hollywood to scare people.

These props make some haunted houses the number one haunted houses in the Nation. Hollywood style props are very real looking and most of them are pretty graphic. But that makes the haunts extremely gory. If a haunted house uses Hollywood props their probably very good haunted houses. But even haunts don't use Hollywood props they still are using props that are amazing looking. In my time of going to haunted houses I have never seen haunts that did not have pretty cool props. Now I have seen haunts with better props then other but all props are gory. You got to give haunted houses credit for all the props because it coast a lot of money to have these types of props in these haunts. Some props run in thousand dollar range or more.

Here are some haunts in Michigan that uses Hollywood style props: Scream Machine in Taylor,Slaughtered at Sundown in Romeo,The Lab in Grosse Ile and Erubus in Pontiac.
Now that is not all the haunts that use those kind of props their is a lot more.

We hoped you enjoyed are article this week. We only got one more Haunted History aricle left and it will be over and that article is.. The History of Horror Movies!

Thanks for reading

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The reason why Michigan is the Haunt capital of the world!

Hello all, Hope your week is going good so far
This week is one of our last post in our new segment called Haunted History Month. During haunted history month we tell the history on how haunted houses got its name and more
We will have two more post after this one and Haunted History Month will be over with!
So this weeks article is...

The Reason why Michigan is the Haunt Capital in the world!

Haunted Attractions have been in the state of Michigan since the beginning of haunted houses. Especially in the Downriver area their were large haunts and small local haunts all across the downriver area and pretty much the lower part of the state! Now the reason why Michigan can be called the Haunt Capital of the world is pretty easy to explain.
In Michigan their are hundreds of haunts all over the state. Most haunted houses in one state. But we have such good haunts around here. Too many to count but we do have a lot. Now are haunts are not rated the scariest in the world but that dose not matter. Haunted Houses here are awesome we got small haunts,large haunts,gory haunts. Hell we even got a haunted house that's in the book of world records for the most largest haunted house ever (Erebus haunted house in Pontiac) Their are so many great haunts here that their is a newspaper made just for haunted houses in Michigan.

But anyways if you go to any other state and go too their haunted attractions they properly can't compete with our haunted houses. People here in Michigan love being scared or scaring other's and you can tell that by the way everyone gets excited every October because it's time to be scared by one of our great haunts here.

Even though were having problems in Detroit and many other cites in Michigan. We can still re lie on our haunted attractions too be their to scare the CRAP OUT OF YOU!

We hoped you enjoyed our article! If you got any comments please feel free to email us at we would love to here some feed back from you guys!
We also got some great plans coming for the next month
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Next weeks article is Hollywood and Haunted Attractions
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haunted Attractions Then & Now

Hello all,
This week we are back in action continuing our Haunted History Month celibration. Were we tell the history of all things horror and haunted houses.
Well this week we got a new article. This is a continue to last weeks article History of Haunted Attractions.

This weeks article is Haunted Attractions Then & Now.

Haunted Attractions Then: back in the 60's and the 70's haunted houses were very short and cheaply made. Almost all the scenes were set up in the dark. Their was no expensive props. Most of the props were homemade by the owners of the haunt. Haunted houses were really cheap ticket price back then. Part of the reason was their was not a lot of space. So it was not that long. But they still did the job for scaring people. Haunted houses back then started old school haunts! Old school haunts are haunts that were more dependent on the actors scaring the visitors not the props.

Haunted Attractions Now: Now a days haunts are much larger and gorier. The props are a lot better but not as cheap. Haunted attractions owners can spend thousands of dollars for props. But let me tell you these props are a really realistic. Also they have props that are like robots. Which now a days haunts use that kind of props that are more realistic. But still haunts still use the old school style of scaring people. Now their are also haunted houses and haunted attractions every were you go in the untied states. Also haunting is become a million dollar industry with high tech props and gory scenes.

We hope you enjoyed our article, Next weeks article is.. The Reason why Michigan is the haunt capital of the World.

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