Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hollywood and Haunted Attractons

Hello all,
This week we are about to finsh up our Haunted History month.
This week we are doing one of our favorite articles, Haunted Attractions and Hollywood.

Haunted attractions have always scared people since they first started. But over the years props have changed so much. But now haunted houses have gotten the idea to use props that movies use in Hollywood to scare people.

These props make some haunted houses the number one haunted houses in the Nation. Hollywood style props are very real looking and most of them are pretty graphic. But that makes the haunts extremely gory. If a haunted house uses Hollywood props their probably very good haunted houses. But even haunts don't use Hollywood props they still are using props that are amazing looking. In my time of going to haunted houses I have never seen haunts that did not have pretty cool props. Now I have seen haunts with better props then other but all props are gory. You got to give haunted houses credit for all the props because it coast a lot of money to have these types of props in these haunts. Some props run in thousand dollar range or more.

Here are some haunts in Michigan that uses Hollywood style props: Scream Machine in Taylor,Slaughtered at Sundown in Romeo,The Lab in Grosse Ile and Erubus in Pontiac.
Now that is not all the haunts that use those kind of props their is a lot more.

We hoped you enjoyed are article this week. We only got one more Haunted History aricle left and it will be over and that article is.. The History of Horror Movies!

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