Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blair Witch: Book of Shadows eview by Psycho Billy

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This week we got another great review for you by new member Psycho Billy who is doing the reviews for The Motor City Horror Club!

This week he is reviewing..
Blair Witch: Book of Shadows!

Here it is..

"Evil Doesn't Die."
This tag line, possibly used for EVERY creepy horror flick tag line, has been seen before. BOOK OF SHADOWS is the sequel to the 1999 hit THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. This film stars Jeffery Donovan (to many will be known as Michael Westen of BURN NOTICE), Kim Director, Erica Leehrsen, Tristine Skylar, and Stephen Barker Turner. In the film, due to the revelation that the film was in fact fake, one fan, Jeffery Patterson, gets two writers, Tristine and Stephen, a gothy psychic type chick, Kim, and a witch, Erica, to go out into the Rustin Parr ruins for one night to see if any Blair Witchery occurs and they all black out. Now as the film occurs, the night unravels to it's full revelation to the point that someone isn't who they say they are. This being a sequel, it in this case, rather than expanding on the film's plot, it expands the Blair Witch's history. In one scene, one of the characters states that, in a dream, that character sees it through the Blair Witch's eyes. That, on the exact night of her banishment, the accusers came to the tree and let their dogs attack her and then pressing their hands into her flesh. They promptly untied her and hung her from the tree. The reason why I liked this film was the fact that it was creepy like the first but was a total mind fuck to believe. What you think is happening may not be what is happening. To me, this film was a pretty well made flick, but the problem was that it was a Hollywood flick rather than the home video camcorder one which we all know and love. Then they introduce hidden symbols and words within the film for the people to find and unravel a secret. Most fans will not like this film because of the film's premise and the usage of already known actors rather than ones who weren't known at all, like in the first film.

I give it three and a half Jack O Lanterns out of 6! for effort, effects, casting. Although there is much to be said about the plot.

We hope you enjoyed the review by the great Psycho Billy. and ounce again if you got any movies you want him to review email him at
Next week he will have a huge review of the classic Grind House Both Films!
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blair Witch Movie Review by Psycho Billy

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Now last week was our final edition of Haunted History Month witch was a great success this year and we would like to thank everyone who read and responded to our newsletters. Also we would like to thank Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio for helping us with our awesome site.

Now this week we got some HUGE news, During haunted history month we got a new member joined MCHC and he is a Horror Movie Fanatic! He eats, sleeps, and breaths horror movies and horror news. His name is Psycho Billy and since he is more of a horror movie freak then I am. We asked him to write our Horror movie Reviews!
So now Psycho Billy will be a major part to the club and we are giving him his choice on what films he wants to review so his first film he is reviewing is
The Blair Witch
Now his rating scale is 1-6 Skulls
So here is his first movie review ever in MCHC History

The Blair Witch Project
"In October of 1994 three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary...A year later their footage was found."

These words filled the screens across the nation back in 1999. Deemed today one of the most scariest horror films of all times, it still scares me to this day. The film is about three kids going into the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland to shoot a documentary about the legend of The Blair Witch, a legend about a woman blamed for witchery and was tied to a tree to die in winter. In the film, they get lost, but as each night rolls on, they are being watched by a deadly and unearthly force. Until of course one of their own vanishes. The film made millions at the box office and was so terrifying that it made the people watching it believe that it was truly real. That it actually happened. Of course, it didn't. This film is one of the scariest, and still at the top ten of horrific [deleted] I have ever viewed, movies of all times. Spawnong one sequel, 80 billion websites, four mockumentaries, and a possible third film on the way,

I give this film a full 6 Skulls out of 6 for plot, effect, casting, and film making techniques. If anyone wants to make a horror flick anytime soon with a home video camcorder, rent this for reference.

Now we hope you enjoyed his review and if you want to email him any movies to review please email him at and give him a movie to review.
Psycho Billy will be back next week with Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows review.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The History of Horror movies

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This week is our last week of Haunted History Month were we go trough the history of certain topics like The history of haunted attractions, history of Halloween and many more topics.
But now we are getting to the end of this segment and our grand finally

So here it is... The History of Horror Movies
Horror movies started to get very popular from the 1930's trough the 1940's. Many American producers started to create Horror Movies such like Universal Pictures. Universal was the foundation of horror movies. They brought the hit horror movie classics like Dracula in 1931,and The Mummy in 1932. Those movies started what we would call Gothic Horror Movies. Those films were some of the most scariest films people at that time would ever seen next too Frankenstein which came out in 1931 with Boris Karloff playing the Monster. In the 1940's Universal was still creating classics like The Wolf man in 1941 and also made sequels to Frankenstein.

But in 1950's and 1960's Horror movies would get a huge change. Since their were some big changes in television in the 50's. Some horror movies were being broadcast in color. Their were tons and tons of Horror Movies and SCFI movies being made in the 50's. But one of the best Horror Movies came in the 60's when Alford Hitchcock's Psycho was made it was the first movie that instead of monsters or ghost it was Humans doing the scaring. Another Hitchcock's film in this time was The Birds(1963) was made. Another huge change in Horror Films was George A. Romero's made Night of the Living Dead in 1968. Night of the Living Dead was the first Zombie movie.

In the 1970's horror movies got way More scary and gory. Their was a lot of great horror movies in this time like The Exorcist which was made in 1973 and was a box office smash! Another huge hit was Jaws which was directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975. There was also The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. But the best one was in 1978 when John Carpenter directed Halloween. Halloween was the largest grossing independent film ever made!

In the 80's there were a lot of slasher films made during this time like Friday the 13th in 1981, and A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. That explains the history of Horror Movies from the start were it took off. Now I can keep writing about horror movies now. But I don't think the history is good as it was when they First came out!

Now that was our last Haunted History Article for 2010 and we hoped you enjoyed all of the articles that we did this year.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hollywood and Haunted Attractions!!

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This week we got a brand new newsletter for you. We are sorry it came out so late this week but we have been swamped this week and today was the only free day we are sorry ounce again. Now this newsletter is one of the last issues of our new segment called Haunted History Month which is were we tell you about the history of Haunted Attractions and many more.
We got one more Haunted History Month issue and that is it
So here is the this weeks article is?

Holywood and Haunted Attractions

Haunted attractions have always scared people since they first started. But over the years props have changed so much. But now haunted houses have gotten the idea to use props that movies use in Hollywood to scare people.

These props make some haunted houses the number one haunted houses in the Nation. Hollywood style props are very real looking and most of them are pretty graphic. But that makes the haunts extremely gory. If a haunted house uses Hollywood props their probably very good haunted houses. But even haunts don't use Hollywood props they still are using props that are amazing looking. In my time of going to haunted houses I have never seen haunts that did not have pretty cool props. Now I have seen haunts with better props then other but all props are gory. You got to give haunted houses credit for all the props because it coast a lot of money to have these types of props in these haunts. Some props run in thousand dollar range or more.

Here are some haunts in Michigan that uses Hollywood style props: Scream Machine in Taylor,Slaughtered at Sundown in Romeo,The Lab in Grosse Ile and Erubus in Pontiac.
Now that is not all the haunts that use those kind of props their is a lot more.

We hoped you enjoyed are article this week. We only got one more Haunted History aricle left and it will be over and that article is.. The History of Horror Movies!
Now we are going to take a week of next week for our annual spring break vacation up north so we will be back on April 14th with another article and then from then on we are working on ways to improve our movie reviews and I will think you will enjoy it
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