Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa's Slay Review by Psycho Billy

Hello all, and Happy Holidays
This week we are continuing our Holiday of horror celebration hosted by Psycho Billy, during this we review great holiday theme horror movies. and we brought psycho billy back from the dead to review these movies.

This week he is reviewing Santa's Slay

"He's making a list... pray you're not on it."

Indeed true to boot, this film is a pretty good one if you are sick with the flu and nothing to watch or just bored of the same old Billy Black Christmas bull. The film reveals that Santa Claus is actually the son of the devil and that he lost a curling match to an angel. The bet was that if Santa wins, the angel ends up in Hell, if Santa loses, he had to be goody goody two shoes for a friggen 1000 years. Well those 1000 years are up and Santa is PISSED!!! It's subplot revolves around the grandson of the angel trying to get with some blonde chick (Emelie de Ravin, who played the heavily pregnant Claire on LOST ) AND save Christmas from the sadistic saint, who has one buffalo looking reindeer named BERZERKER. The film stars Bill Goldberg as Santa and features cameos from such "wonderful" actors such as Chris Kattan, Fran Drescher, James Cann, Rebecca Gayheart, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, and BILL FRIGGEN GOLDBERG! COME ON! I give this film two out of three jack-o-lanterns for the effort, the casting (although they utterly failed with the casting of Fran Drescher and Chris Kattan), the wonderful special F/X, and the writing, the WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL WRITING of this film.

We hope you enjoyed his review on Santa's Slay.
This is our last newsletter before the holidays and we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays and we will be back next week with one last review
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Psycho Billy Review of Jack Frost (1996)

Hello all,
Last week we started our Hoilday of horror's celibration were we review holiday theme horror movies and this year we brought Psycho Billy back from the dead to review some great movies.
So this week we present you with Psycho Bill review of Jack Frost (1996)

He's chillin...and killin"

This tagline was, how you say, pretty bad...

The film isn't about that magic loser who tries to steal Frosty's mystical magical hat. You want that, go somewhere else. This film is about the ficticious serial killer, Jack Frost (played gruesomely by Scott MacDonald) who eluded the cops for five years and left a trail of thirty-eight bodies across five states, who is on his way to execution when the state transfer truck he is in passes through Snomonton County, the place of his arrest, and makes a bad accident with a GCC truck. There he escapes but not before having a chemical acid sprayed onto him that melts him down and fuses his cells with the frozen sheet of snow. And there with that, he becomes a snowman who is given a face by Snomonton Sheriff Sam Tiler (played by Christopher Alport quite well)'s son, Ryan, who is played by Zack Eginton. How is this significant? The sheriff was the man who caught bad ole Frost. Now Jack's back in town, and he is making a killing in many ways, eluding not only the Snomonton County Sheriffs Office but the FBI as well. This film marks the first film role of the sexy Shannon Elizabeth in a pretty good flick that inspired only one sequel, the writing was pretty good and somewhat comical and horror at the same time.

I give this film four out of six jack-o-lanterns for the writing, the special f/x, and the casting of the characters.

We hope you enjoy his review on Jack Frost,
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Happy Horror days

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black Christmas (1974) review By Psycho Billy

Hello all,
This week we are starting our 3rd annual Holiday of Horrors witch is our annual horror movie review time. The whole month we are going to be reviewing Holiday theme movies.

But this year we are bringing back the Great Psycho Billy from the dead to review for Holiday of Horrors.
He will be reviewing a lot of movies and since we got a short window for Holidays of Horrors we are going too kick off with a review right away

So here is Psycho Billys review of Black Christmas (1974)

"If this movie doesn't make your skin crawl... It's On Too Tight!"

This tag line inspired a rash of Holi-Horror flick (Holiday Horror), in fact if it weren't for this film, Halloween would have never been made. On a clear Christmas night, a series of murders are occurring at a sorority house, mysterious phone calls believed to be pranks but are the mad ravings of a psychopath, who is willing to butcher those who cross him and all. Now, I love this film for it's on edgeness and filming style. The fact is it is like what I say, The devil you can't see is much more terrifying than that of the devil you can. You only see the killer for a fraction of a second, and that is a section of his eye. The killer is deemed Billy and is believed to have an accomplice named Agnes, although Agnes is never seen, only referenced. This film predates Halloween by four years, but upon release, it was renamed to other titles ranging from "Silent Night, Evil Night", it's U.S. release, to "Stranger in the House", it's U.S. Television release on NBC, making it nearly impossible to track down. It kick started the Holi-Horror craze and was the first film to have the killer inside the house, which would not be seen until When a Stranger Calls in 1979 and seem the second time for the remake of Black Christmas in 2006. But I will warn you that the film is confusing because you are truly unsure of who the killer is until the very end.

I give this film four jack-o-lanterns out of six for effort, writing, direction of Bob Clark, the casting of Olivia Hussey (Audra Phillips in IT and mother Bates in PSYCHO IV: THE BEGINNING) and the amazingness and creepiness of the film throughout.

We hope you enjoyed his review and there will be more to come.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hauntober Elections 2010 Results

Hello all
Last month we asked you guys vote for your favorite haunted house and more!
And it is now to finally time to announce the winners of our Hauntober 2010 Winners

So here is the candidates and categories and winners for this years elections

2010 Best Haunted House in Michigan:Fear Factory,salems haunted
barn,Night Terrors,The Crypt, Saint lucifers,The Haunting,Demonic
Demons,Ereubus,Scream Machine,Exit 13, Deadly Intentions, Extreme

And the winner is with 50% of the vote is Extreme Scream.

2010 Goriest Haunted House in Michigan: Fear Factory,salems haunted
barn,Night Terrors,The Crypt, Saint lucifers,The Haunting,Demonic
Demons,Ereubus,Scream Machine,Exit 13, Deadly Intentions, Extreme

And the winner is with 55% of the vote is Extreme Scream.

2010 best Haunted Hayride in Michigan: Night Terrors Hayride of the
lost, Blakes Night Time Spooky Hayride,Millers Big Red Haunted
Hayride,Slaughtered at Sundown

And the winner is with 58% of the vote is Slaughtered at Sundown.

2010 Best Haunted forest/Maze: Amazing Corn Maze,Haunted Hallows,Walk
of Terror, Wild Woods of Terror,Fear Farm,Terrorfied Forest,Alien

And the winner with 47% of the vote is Fear Farm.

2010 Best Haunted House in America: Bate Motel, Ereubus, 13th gate,
Creepyworld, The Beast, Headless Horsemen,Netherworld,Cutting

And the winner is with 86% of the vote is Erebus haunted House.

We would like to thank everyone who voted in this years elections, this was our best voting turn out.
Also big thanks to the winners and candidates for putting on a great haunt!
We also want to thank pollhost for providing the polls. finally we would like to thank Channel 66.6 Haunted radio for helping us with the site.

Next week we will start our Holidays of Horrors Celebration.
So stay tuned
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