Sunday, October 23, 2011

We are sorry!

Hello all,
Its been a very,very, long time since Mchc has posted anything these last couple couple months.
We want to say we are sorry for not letting anyone know were we went. Its been a crazy couple of months for us we have been to busy in our own personal lifes to even get back into running the club. We are really sorry, you guys have no idea how hard its been for us not to even run the club and actually skip this years haunt season but we needed to take the time for our self's instead of running this club, it broke our hearts to even write this so we kind of just went missing in action and not let anyone know what is going on. We are sorry about that, we really are.

But... don't think we are done forever, we are preparing a huge comeback coming after the 2011 haunt season, we are making some changes and possibly start new ideas in the next coming months, So look forward to us coming back in mid November to early December 2011. We WILL BE BACK, and we promise we will be better then ever.

Motor city horror club would like to thank our proud sponsor Haunted Radio, for being with us every step of the way and making this club the what it is today,
Go to there site

We want to say we are sorry for everything and we promise we will be back very soon,
Thanks a lot for reading this
Hope everyone is having a great haunt season