Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our top 5 haunted attractions in Michigan (2009)

Hello all
Last Week we started our summer of screams which is list of our top haunted attractions . So this week we got the top 5 list of haunted attractions in Michigan during the 2009 season

So here we go

#5 The Lab. Groose Ile Michigan
The lab is one of my favorite haunts in the area with some of the best props. With some of the best scenes in it. Its kinda long haunt and its well worth the drive from anywhere. The lab will scare a lot of people and i think you would enjoy it
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#4. Saint Lucifer's Asylum, Flint Michigan
This haunt is nuts latterly was one of the most insane haunts you can go to in the state. I love all the props in it and the actors are pretty intense. Now I know the drive is pretty long if you live in the metro area but its well worth the drive. You will not be disappointed at St.Lucifer's
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#3. The Extreme Scream, Talyor Michigan.
Now The extreme scream has been scaring the shit out of us for years now, and this year was no different. The thing I love about The Extreme Scream is its an old school and it might just be the last old school haunt left in the state. They have really good scares and a good set up in the haunt. It always been a good haunt and I think everyone will love this haunt!

#2 Urban Legends Haunted Attractions, Detroit, Michigan.
The reason why Urban legends made number two on the list is there is 6 different haunts in one location. And all the haunts are really good. There is a lot of gore in it and its really intense. Its well organized and very scary. This year was my first year going to this haunt and it defiantly wont be my last. So in 2010 haunt season make sure to check it out!
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And Number one is......
#1 Deadly Intentions Haunted House, Warren Michigan
Last year Deadly was number one our list and this year is no different. I absolutely love this haunt, I have been going to deadly for years now and I love it every time I go. One of the main things I love is there theme changes every year and the themes are awesome. It has to be one of the scariest haunts you will go to in Michigan. If you haven't experience Deadly Intentions you must go in 2010 because they are waiting to Scare the Shit out of you!!
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Now I know this list was short but I wanted to change it up with different haunts and I am running out of time.
But we would like to thank all the haunted attractions I went to this year, thanks for scaring the shit out of me.
Next list will be the top 5 haunted mazes and woods in Michigan.

Now next week we will be gone on vacation but we will be back on the week of the 12th with a brand new list.
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Have a good Fourth of July

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer of Screams 2010

Hello all,
In our last newsletter Psycho Billy had is last movie review for us for a little while. But he will be back in the Holiday Seasons and maybe he will review ounce in a while before that.

But we got somthing new for this month which we started it last year and it was a big success.
For the month of july we are starting our Summer of Screams Celibration.
Summer of Screams is our kinda way to look back on the last years haunt season. During Summer of Screams we make the list of what we think is the best haunted attractions in Michigan. We also did top 10 list of the best haunts around Michigan, top 10 best haunted woods and hayrides in Michigan and to finsh it we do the top 10 haunted attractions in the USA!
Now this is the MCHC opnion on whats our top so we do not to offend anyone if there haunt is not on there or anything like that.
Now like last year we also want to inform you that you can send what your top 10 haunted attractions are and we will put it in our newsletter and site. Just email us at and make your list up with the haunt, location and a little description why this haunt was on your list.

Now we want to give you a sample of our post from the 2008 haunt season our favorite haunts of 2008. Top 5
#5.The Barn of Blood. New Boston,Michigan: The Barn of Blood is one of the coolest haunts you can go too It is just awesome that is all you say about it! and its cheap!
Go too

#4. The Lab. Grosse Ile,Michigan: The Lab is one of the funnest haunt I have been too in a long time! It is a haunt you have never been too I will Promise you that! It is pretty long haunt too. So Next haunt season go to The Lab!
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#3. Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum. Grandblanc,Michigan: This haunt made the number three spot on our list because it is a CRAZY HAUNT! It was one of the most scariest haunts I been too. It well deserves the number three spot!
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#2. Deadly Intentions. Warren,Michigan: Now I think Deadly Intentions is a great haunted attraction! I mean every year I go too deadly it is still great! Great Scenes,Great props and just great fun! I hope everyone gets to go too Deadly Intentions when ever they get the chance!
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#1. Night Terrors. Ypsilanti,Michigan: Night Terrors made Number one because it has 6 haunted attractions for a good price. Also the haunts are really good too. Their is something for everybody their from not scary haunts too scare the shit out of you haunts. I love Night Terrors I go every Year!
Go too

That was our sample of Summer of Screams countdown.
Now we wont offically start Summer of Screams to next week were we will countdown our top 10 haunted houses in michigan during to the 2009 season!
We also will be gone for a week during fourth of july for our annual trip and I dont have internet in the bush of Canada so we are sorry for missing another week. We hate it for missing but we hope you understand.
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So till next week Scare you later
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Childs Play Horror Movie Review

Hello All
This week we got another great horror movie review for you by Psycho Billy and he has a importent message to inform you in the review as well

So here is Psycho Billys review of Childs Play

I am sad to say that this is my final review for the week. Reason: I am making my own horror flick this summer in July and I need to start pre-production. But don't worry my dead friends, I will be home for the horrordays in December for a Christmas themed horror film reviews. I will be appearing here and there once and again but I do promise you that I will be digging through my horror vault of doom to find some of the Christmas themed horror flicks. So with that is your minds, I present you with this:

"Andy Barclay has a new playmate who's in no mood to play."

This is the horror film that started a fear of small things to life. The film starts out with two killers, one being the infamous Charles Lee Ray (played by Brad Dourif, who played Sheriff Lee Brackett in both Halloween and Halloween 2 remakes), who is seriously wounded by a cop. In order for his survival, he must transfer his soul into an object and back into a human before he becomes part of it. He successful in that plan, transfering it into a doll who is to be owned by a young boy as gift from his mother. This film is wonderful in the direction by Tom Holland and the casting of Catherine Hicks and Chris Sharadon (who played a vampire fighting reverend in the Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood as well as a next door vampire in Fright Night). I enjoyed the special F/X crew who had to do a lot of work on the construction of Chucky as well as the puppeteers who made the doll come to life. There is a way you can see the doll transform into the killer it is possessed by, in the scene where the mother is threatening to throw it into the fire, look at the face. It goes from the typical happy doll to looking a lot more like Brad, who has now become the definitive look of the doll. This film inspired three good sequels and one real bad one (Seed of Chucky).

I give this film Six out of six jack-o-lanterns for direction, special F/X, and keep an eye out for the theaters sometime next year, the film is being remade. But don't fret, Brad Dourif will be returning as the voice of Chucky once again.

Like psycho Billy said he will be gone for a while but will be back in the Hoilday season. We also will be starting our halloween stuff since halloween is getting closer closer and closer, and that means the haunting season will be underway
Here is MCHCS plans for the next couple months
Summer of screams july trough Agust
Find your fear August trough September
Hauntober October

Next week we will explain what Summer of Screams is all about so stay tuned for that
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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Wolfman (2010) Review by Psycho Billy

Hello all
This week we got another great horror movie review by no other then the horror freak him self, Psycho Billy.But before the review we want to inform you that we might not be able to hit our Wensday deadline for the newsletter do to my new work scudule but we will still have a newsletter for you every week. So we are sorry about that!

This week Psycho Billy is reviewing a new film that is coming out on DVD

He is reviewing The Wolfman (2010)
"When the moon is full, the legend comes to life"

True as it sounds, it was one of the most highly great remakes in history of my part. The film is a remake of a 1941 film of the same name that stared Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi. This film begins with a young man being killed off by a vicious werewolf. It coincides with the return of Lawrence Talbot (played by Benicio Del Toro) to Blackmoor in the search of his brother, Ben. It is his father John Talbot (played by Anthony Hopkins, whom is best famous as Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lector) that his brother is dead. His body is torn to shreds and is mauled by death himself. It is during the full moon that Lawrence is bitten by the same monster, thus turning him into one and ensues a deadly face. The plot twist was epic, the casting was great, the director Joe Johnston was fantasic. I love and loved this film to the core as a true horror fan. But there were some problems I found with it, In the transformation sequences, the villain, not Lawrence, transforms like anyone else. Lawrence changes are looking, and feel, extremely painful.

I give this film the five out of six jack-o-lanterns, and yet i wish to give it the full six, for Special F/X, the casting, the writing, the direction, and the on edgeness that no one could ever expect.

We hope you enjoyed the review of The Wolfman review by Psycho Billy
Next week he is reviewing Childs Play

Now we got a lot of work to do this summer for MCHC. The summer is our time to get the site good and other sites updated so for all Myspace friends there will be a new page pretty soon. We also will be taking a week off in july for our anual vacation so we give the dates next week newsletter.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zombi 2 review by Psycho Billy

Hello all,
This week we got another great horror movie by our good friend Psycho Billy who has been doing our horror movie reviews for the past couple weeks.
This weeks he reviewing a kinda of a B horror Movie but its a good one

This weeks review he is doing Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2When the earth spits out the dead, they will rise to suck the blood of the living!"

In 1978, George Romero unleashed Dawn of the Dead. It was one of the most terrifying films of its time, but there is much more that you didn't know. It was when it was released in Italy, Dario Argento, who was the force that made George write the film, released it as ZOMBIE that in 1979, because the Italians loved the film, they unleashed their own sequel. The film starts out with a boat drifting along the harbor of NY that when on board, a heavyset zombie kills one of the men and is shot into the water. This event coincides with a group of four going out to an island to search of a young woman's missing father. It is there that a terrible secret is unleashed. It seems that the dead have been coming back to life, and not just on slabs but in dirt and stuff. And the world is just at the peak of death as well. This film inspired three sequels, two of which had nothing to do with the original, just to make money, and features one of the best scenes known to the zombie universe, the infamous SHARK FIGHT SCENE. The filmmaker, Lucio Fulci, also known as the Godfather of Gore, said that the makeup people had three types, nasty, human, and at one point he described several as Walking Flower Pots. If you look on the american release poster, one of the most famous zombies in history can be seen. I love it because of it being a zombie, it was inspired by Dawn of the Dead 78, and that the Italian knows how to make an awesome scary film.

I give this film the full six out of six jack-o-lanterns for F/X, directing, writing, casting, SHARK FIGHT SCENE, and zombieness ever seen on film.

We hope you enjoyed the review by our own Psycho Billy
In the next couple weeks we will have somthing new going on in the club
So stay tuned
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