Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Orphan Horror Movie Review 2009!

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We are back from our vacation and we got a great newsletter this week too! This week we got a brand new horror movie review for you. We haven't done a movie review in a couple months. Also we got a official sponsor for Find Your Fear!
So we are reviewing Orphan!
Orphan Pictures, Images and Photos

Now before I went to see this Orphan I herd a lot of bad reviews for it. So when I finally went to see it I was very surprised how good it was! Orphan was a very creepy,it had a lot of parts that was really creepy. Now the beginning was pretty slow and kinda boring. But it gets really good as the movie goes on. The little girl who plays in it was very good. The things this little girl dose through out the movie is very creepy. Now Orphan was not a movie to make you jump out of your seat. Actually their was no part in the movie that makes you jump. Which to me they could have added some scary parts. But other then that I really liked the movie. Its also not gory but let me tell you it dose not haft to be gory to make it good. I cant give anything away about the ending of Orphan but I will say it was really weird but it was good. But that is me some say its stupid. So you will haft to go and see it for your self. All in All I thought Orphan was a very good movie!
So our official rating for Orphan is: 4 out of 6 Skulls!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Info On Find Your Fear!

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Find Your Fear is been going great,we got a lot of haunted attractions all ready and its only been 2 weeks since we started it. But we got some more things that we forgot to mention some things that we are doing.
We are allowing to advertise haunts not just from Michigan but also our neighboring state of Ohio. We are allowing any haunt from Ohio to advertise for free on our page. But we also will accept haunts from Ontario as well. Also haunts from northern Michigan like the U.P.
We want Find your fear to be the best place to get info about haunted houses anywhere around us.
Now we no the haunting season is coming up fast and many haunts will be listing their dates for this year. So as soon we get the info we put it up usually that day we get.
Here is list of haunts we got up so far: Deadly Intentions,Deadland haunted house,The Haunting,Darksyde Acres Haunted House,Night Stalkers Haunted House,Niles Haunted House Scream Park,Chainsaw Creek Haunted House,Saint Lucifer's Haunted House and Bloodview Haunted House.
Remember any haunted house that wants to advertise on Find your Fear its Absolutely FREE no charge for anything.
So email us at motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com with haunted house info and we will put it on
So Send your Advertisements Now!
Also their be no newsletter next week due to a vacation.
But next week we will have a review on Orphan
So stay tuned

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Free Haunted Attraction Advertisement- Find Your Fear!

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This week we have some more info on our Free Haunted Attraction Advertisement called Find your Fear! so lets get started!
As we said last week we are starting a free haunted attraction advertisement. We have been working hard to get everything ready for Find your Fear and I am please to say that we got everything up and running. We got a special myspace just for haunted attraction advertisement. Also our site is up and running for Find your fear. We already got about 4 advertisements up in less then a week of posting it. We are accepting a lot more advertisements as the haunting seasons gets closer and closer!
Also towards the end of September we will post all the advertisements that we have posted in one big post for our newsletter.
But here is the info on Find your Fear in case you missed it.
Find your fear is free haunted attraction advertisement. We allow any haunts to advertise on our myspace and site FOR FREE! We will post pretty much anything you want for the advertisement. But we do have a requirement for the advertisement. It needs to have the dates and times of the haunt,location and price also a website if you got one. Also we will put a picture on it on our myspace and if we have reviewed the haunt in years past we will put the rating we gave it in our myspace.
So too advertise just send us a email at motorcityhorrorclub@yahoo.com and send us the info and we will post it!
We are getting more and more advertisements each week so make sure to send in your advertisement.
So here is the myspace page for Find your Fear: www.myspace.com/findfear
Also here is our site which has advertisement on it: http://mchc60.50webs.com
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Monday, August 3, 2009