Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Top 6 Ohio Haunted Houses!

Hello All!
This week we are having another countdown for our Summer of Screams which will run up too the End of July! This week we have Our Top 6 Ohio Haunted Houses. Ohio as a lot of great haunted attractions trough the entire state.
But here is the top 6 Haunts that made the list!

#6. The Haunted Farm. Located in Pleasantville,Ohio: The Haunted Farm was a great haunt to go too. It's an old school style haunt. Very dark and gory with great scenes and great props. Now its not that long but it is still a very good haunt. Also its pretty scary. I think it was a great Haunted House. So go too www.haunted-farm.com

#5. Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park. Located in Fremont Ohio: The Hydro Park is a very good haunt. It's a pretty long haunt. It as really good props in it some of the best props I seen. It has a lot of good scenes and its pretty dark. It was a great haunt and its pretty close to Michigan so come and check it out! go too www.thehauntedhydro.com

#4. Absolutely Deranged. Located in Springfield,Ohio: Absolutely Deranged is a new haunted house. It was awesome haunt to go too. It was dark and has some great scenes in it. It was really scary and for a new haunt it was had a lot of people attending the haunt. So go too www.creepyminds.com

#3. Terror Town. Located in Maumee,Ohio: Terror Town was awesome. It has 4 haunted attractions inside one location. All 4 haunts were really good. They were dark and really gory. Its only an hour from Detroit so come and check it out! Go too www.terrortown.net

#2. 7 Floors of Hell. Located in Berea,Ohio. 7 Floors of hell was a Excellent area to get the crap of scared out of you! They have 7 haunted attractions in one location! It was voted one of the top ten haunted houses in America voted by Hauntworld I had a great time at 7 floors of hell. All 7 haunts were really good and it was well worth the drive from anywhere in America! So go too www.7florrsofhell.com

#1. Ghostly Manor Thrill Center. Located in Sandusky,Ohio: This haunt made number one on our list because it was the most scariest haunt in Ohio. It was pure awesome it made me jump a couple times. It was an oldschool style of an haunt with very good props and scenes. It was very large haunt. Ghostly Manor is an underrated haunt but I think its better then a lot of haunts. So next haunting season make sure to go to Ghostly Manor. Go too www.ghostlymanor.com

That was our list for our top 6 Haunts in Ohio. Now just to inform you we will not have a newsletter because I am Going on a Fishing trip so I will be gone for a week. So until next issue have a great week!

Monday, June 22, 2009

We Need You

We need all of you guys to send in your list for our Summer of Screams

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Top 5 Best Hayrides in Michigan!

Hello all!
We got a great newsletter for you guys! We are continue our Summer of Screams celebration! This week we are going to tell you the Top 5 Hayrides in Michigan! Now we were going to give the top 5 hayrides of America but we thought we would tell you the best hayrides of Michigan first! So here we go

#5. Blood Bath and Beyond. Located in Fowlerville Michigan: I love this hayride I only been their once but I thought it was great! It was a lot of fun! This hayride had a lot of good special effects. It was pretty gory,it also had a lot of good scenes in it. It was pretty scary their was some scenes that made a lot of people jump. Go to www.slaughterhouseadventure.com

#4. Haunted Farm of Terror Hayride. Located in Lenox Township: Now I went to this hayride a few years ago but when I went I was amazed how good it was! It has really good scenes in it. A lot of the scenes were very creative some scenes I have never seen before in hayrides. I thought it was well worth the drive out their for the hayride and the haunted house! Go too www.hauntedfarmofterror.com

#3. Slaughtered at Sundown Hayride. Located in Romeo Michigan: This hayride is one of my favorite hayride to go too. It has one of the best props I have ever seen for a hayride. The actors are in your face all the time! Now just like the haunted house their the hayride uses a lot of Hollywood style props. So all the scenes look great! This is a hayride that you haft to see in your lifetime! Go too www.slaughteredatsundown.net

#2. Blake's Nighttime Spooky Hayride. Located in Armada Michigan: The reason why Blake's Hayride made the list because it was very long and a really good hayride! It was pretty scary. It was an old school style of a hayride no Hollywood style props. The scenes were really good. So you got to go too see this hayride! Go too www.blakefarms.com

#1. Nigh Terrors Hayride of the Lost. Located in Wiard's Orchid Ypsillanti Michigan: This hayride made number one because it is the best around! You can not beat this hayride. I have been to many hayrides and I have not seen any hayride that beats Hayride of the lost. It is really scary. It has some of the best most creative scenes I have seen in a hayride before. It gets better and better every year so make sure you check it out!

That was our top 5 hayrides in Michigan. We hoped you enjoyed it and a reminder to all members if you want to make a list of your favorite haunted attractions. Just give us a email at motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com
So next week we will be have Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in America!
Also our site is up and running go to http://mchc60.50webs.com

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Top Ten Haunted Houses in Michigan!!

Hello all! This is our first newsletter for our new segment called "Summer of Screams" which will run from June to the end of July!
This week we are going to give our list of The Motor City Horror Club top ten haunted houses in Michigan!
So here we go:
#10.Extreme Scream.Taylor,Michigan. The extreme scream is a really cool haunt to go to it is pretty scary and dark. But the reason why it hit the list is because it is one of the best old school haunts in the metro Detroit area!

#9. Erebus.Pontiac,Michigan: Erebus made our list because it was very long haunt because it is a four story haunted house. Largest haunt in the world! Now their is not a lot of old school style stuff in it. But it is still pretty good. Go to hauntedpontiac.com

#8. Fear Factory. Mt.Clemens,Michigan: Fear Factory made our list because it is really scary and gory. It is one of my favorite haunts I have been too in a long time!It well worth the wait to get in! Go to www.thefearfactory.com

#7. The Haunting. Adrian,Michigan: The Haunting made the list because it an old school kinda of an haunt! It was also one of the most goriest haunts I have been to so it just had to make the list! If you want to get grossed out go to the haunting!
Go too www.myhaunting.com

#6. Scare Grounds at the Fairgrounds. Michigan State Fair Grounds: This haunt was really cool because it had the fairgrounds type of a theme too it. It was kinda short but really good haunt too!

#5.The Barn of Blood. New Boston,Michigan: The Barn of Blood is one of the coolest haunts you can go too It is just awesome that is all you say about it! and its cheap!
Go too www.myspace.com/TheBarnOfBlood

#4. The Lab. Grosse Ile,Michigan: The Lab is one of the funnest haunt I have been too in a long time! It is a haunt you have never been too I will Promise you that! It is pretty long haunt too. So Next haunt season go to The Lab!
Go too www.thelabhaunt.com

#3. Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum. Grandblanc,Michigan: This haunt made the number three spot on our list because it is a CRAZY HAUNT! It was one of the most scariest haunts I been too. It well deserves the number three spot!
Go to www.fearfest.net

#2. Deadly Intentions. Warren,Michigan: Now I think Deadly Intentions is a great haunted attraction! I mean every year I go too deadly it is still great! Great Scenes,Great props and just great fun! I hope everyone gets to go too Deadly Intentions when ever they get the chance!
Go to deadlyintentionshaunt.com

#1. Night Terrors. Ypsilanti,Michigan: Night Terrors made Number one because it has 6 haunted attractions for a good price. Also the haunts are really good too. Their is something for everybody their from not scary haunts too scare the shit out of you haunts. I love Night Terrors I go every Year!
Go too www.nightterrors.biz

That was our list of our top ten haunts! We would like to give a big thanks to all the haunted attractions out their!
Next Week we will have our top 5 best Hayrides!
Also make sure to check our site for all of our list

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer of Screams!

Hello all, We got some Big News for and i mean Big News. We are having another segment for June and July! So were are glad to kick off Summer of Screams!
Summer of Screams is something we just started this year! Summer of screams is going to be about our favorite haunted attractions not just in Michigan but all around the Untied States! We are going to advertise them and explain a little bit why they are our favorite. But we also are going to give our list on our favorite Haunted Houses in Michigan and Ohio! But were not just going too do the list ourselves we want you guys to give us a list and we will have it up on our website and our newsletter. We want to here from our members what is their favorite haunted house.
Now to send in your list just email us at motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com and just give us the list and we will put it up on the site and news letter!
Our site will be updated when we officially start it off next week! The site will have all of our list on it! So come check out our site!
So stay tuned for Summer of Screams!
and GO WINGS!!!!