Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Top 5 Best Hayrides in Michigan!

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We got a great newsletter for you guys! We are continue our Summer of Screams celebration! This week we are going to tell you the Top 5 Hayrides in Michigan! Now we were going to give the top 5 hayrides of America but we thought we would tell you the best hayrides of Michigan first! So here we go

#5. Blood Bath and Beyond. Located in Fowlerville Michigan: I love this hayride I only been their once but I thought it was great! It was a lot of fun! This hayride had a lot of good special effects. It was pretty gory,it also had a lot of good scenes in it. It was pretty scary their was some scenes that made a lot of people jump. Go to www.slaughterhouseadventure.com

#4. Haunted Farm of Terror Hayride. Located in Lenox Township: Now I went to this hayride a few years ago but when I went I was amazed how good it was! It has really good scenes in it. A lot of the scenes were very creative some scenes I have never seen before in hayrides. I thought it was well worth the drive out their for the hayride and the haunted house! Go too www.hauntedfarmofterror.com

#3. Slaughtered at Sundown Hayride. Located in Romeo Michigan: This hayride is one of my favorite hayride to go too. It has one of the best props I have ever seen for a hayride. The actors are in your face all the time! Now just like the haunted house their the hayride uses a lot of Hollywood style props. So all the scenes look great! This is a hayride that you haft to see in your lifetime! Go too www.slaughteredatsundown.net

#2. Blake's Nighttime Spooky Hayride. Located in Armada Michigan: The reason why Blake's Hayride made the list because it was very long and a really good hayride! It was pretty scary. It was an old school style of a hayride no Hollywood style props. The scenes were really good. So you got to go too see this hayride! Go too www.blakefarms.com

#1. Nigh Terrors Hayride of the Lost. Located in Wiard's Orchid Ypsillanti Michigan: This hayride made number one because it is the best around! You can not beat this hayride. I have been to many hayrides and I have not seen any hayride that beats Hayride of the lost. It is really scary. It has some of the best most creative scenes I have seen in a hayride before. It gets better and better every year so make sure you check it out!

That was our top 5 hayrides in Michigan. We hoped you enjoyed it and a reminder to all members if you want to make a list of your favorite haunted attractions. Just give us a email at motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com
So next week we will be have Top 10 Best Haunted Houses in America!
Also our site is up and running go to http://mchc60.50webs.com

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