Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One week left to vote!!

Hello all,
Sorry for not having a newsletter last week, we were really busy.
This week we just want to remind you that we have one week left to vote for your favorite haunted house in Michigan, goriest haunted houses, best haunted hayride,best haunted woods and best haunted house in America.

We have been getting a lot of votes and we still got one more week left!!

So Here is how you vote for this years Hauntober Elections: Go to our site Http:// and click on the "Hauntober Elections page" and then click on the category and cast your vote!
*Please only vote ounce, we want a fair election.*

Voting will end on Tuesday, November 30th. and we will post the winners on December 1st.

So go ahead and cast your vote!
We hope you have a good Thanksgiving from all of us at MCHC.
Stay Scary out there.
and make sure you visit our site Http://

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hauntober Elections 2010

Hello all,
It is November and were a sad too say that 2010 Haunt season is over and we miss it already. But it's not over with The Motor City Horror Club as this week kicks off our 3rd annual Hauntober Elections.

Now Hauntober Elections is your chance to vote for your favorite haunted house in Michigan and more, this year we have 5 Categories for you vote on.

So here is the 2010 Hauntober Elcetions Cadidates and Categorys

2010 Best Haunted House in Michigan:Fear Factory,salems haunted
barn,Night Terrors,The Crypt, Saint lucifers,The Haunting,Demonic
Demons,Ereubus,Scream Machine,Exit 13, Deadly Intentions, Extreme

2010 Goriest Haunted House in Michigan: Fear Factory,salems haunted
barn,Night Terrors,The Crypt, Saint lucifers,The Haunting,Demonic
Demons,Ereubus,Scream Machine,Exit 13, Deadly Intentions, Extreme

2010 best Haunted Hayride in Michigan: Night Terrors Hayride of the
lost, Blakes Night Time Spooky Hayride,Millers Big Red Haunted
Hayride,Slaughtered at Sundown,.

2010 Best Haunted forest/Maze: Amazing Corn Maze,Haunted Hallows,Walk
of Terror, Wild Woods of Terror,Fear Farm,Terrorfied Forest,Alien

2010 Best Haunted House in America: Bate Motel, Ereubus, 13th gate,
Creepyworld, The Beast, Headless Horsemen,Netherworld,Cutting

Now here is how you vote: Go to our site Http:// and click on the "Hauntober Elections" and click on each Category and cast your vote.
**Now please only vote one time for each category we want to make this a fair election**
Voting will end on November 30th.

Last year we had a lot of votes and this year we hope for a lot more, so everyone get out there and Vote!!

Now next week we might not have a newsletter due to upcoming hunting season here in Michigan, so stay tuned for that.

So everyone go out there and vote on our site Http://
Thanks for reading

Monday, November 1, 2010

End of Haunting Season 2010

Hello all,
We are sad to say that the 2010 Haunt season has come and past.
And we had a great year one of the best years yet, and in this newsletter we want to take the time to thank some importent people.

The first person we want to thank is members of MCHC. We want to thank you guys so much for the past 4 years the club has been around, members of this club has been us every step of the way. We started the club with 10 members now were almost 500 strong and we wouldn't be that big with you guys supporting eerything we have done.
We do this work for you guys, and we love doing it and we love getting feedback from fellow members that makes all so much better.
So thanks all the members of MCHC for supporting us!

The next person we would like to thank is The guys from Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio our proud sponsor, Since we started they have been helping us out with sites, and making MCHC has big as it is, they do a lot for us, and they have a great podcast going on, I think its one of the best on the air, they give all the best news from everywere in the horror world
So check them out at Http:// and ounce again we want to give a big thanks for everything they have done for us over the past 3 years

And finnaly we want to thank all the haunted attractions this haunt season, You guys were awesome. Every haunt we went trough this year was awesome. I know how much work everyone puts in to build these haunts and we apprecaite all of it, so thanks for scaring the shit out of us every Year.

Now we got some big things going on this month, we are having our 3rd Hauntober Elections were you can vote on your favorite haunted house and more and we will start that next week, so stay tuned for MCHC next weekend and THANK YOU
Go to our siter Http:// to read all of our haunted house reviews