Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Find Your Fear!

Hello all.
Last week we ended our Summer of Screams celebration! Which turned out better then I expected to be. We got a lot of feedback from all our list we made on haunted attractions. Also we got a lot more members joining the club this month then ever. We are about up too 180 members of the Motor City Horror Club! So thank you everyone who joined the club and all who gave us feedback during Summer of Screams!

But what we really wanted to tell you about is our new segment for the club which will be going on for a couple months!
We are going to be having a Online Fear Finder which will be called Find Your Fear! We are going to be posting number of Haunted Attractions on our site and a Myspace that we will be created just for Haunted Attraction Advertisement! Now this advertisement is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
We want to help out many haunted attractions by spreading the world about their haunt.We advertise any haunted attraction such as hayrides,haunted houses,haunted forest and haunted corn mazes!
Now we pretty much allow anything on our site. We want dates and times,locations and prices. We also accept a picture of your haunt which will be posted on our site and myspace. Were not done yet! If went to a your haunted attraction last year we will sum up our review and put the rating we gave them last season on the site!
Find your Fear will be up on our site for all the way to the haunting season! But the myspace will be up all year. Also we will keep it up on our site as a link during the haunting season!
To advertise: Just send us a email at motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com and give us all the info you want to be on the page dates,times,Etc. and we will put it up on our site and myspace!
Now haunted attractions DO NOT haft to do anything in return for advertising for Find your Fear!
Next issue we will officially start advertising and the myspace will be up and running!
So too next time have a good week
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Top 5 Haunted Attractions in America!

Hello all!
We have a great newsletter for you guys this week. This our big grand finally for our Summer of Screams celebration! and boy do we have a good one for the finally. This week we are giving you are list of The Top 5 Haunted Attractions in America.
So here is our list!

#5.Headless Horsemen. Located in Ulster Park, New York. Headless Horsemen is an awesome haunted attraction. Its outside but that makes in all more terrifying. It has really good scenes in it. It's very scary with lifelike scenes and props in it. Headless Horsemen is a great haunted house. and is worth the trip from anywhere! For more info on Headless Horsemen go to www.headlesshorseman.com

#4. Scare House. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Scare House is one of the best haunts in America. I think it's one of the goriest haunts in America. Scare House is a semi old school haunt mixed in with new style props. Which I love about it because it dose not have all the high tech props like some haunts have in it. Scare House is an awesome haunted attraction. So come and check it out next Haunt Season! Go too their site at www.scarehouse.com

#3. Haunted Overload. Located in New Hampshire. This haunted attraction is pure AWESOME! I loved haunted overload, it is one of the best haunted houses in New Hampshire and America. Everything about Haunted Overload was awesome. I mean their is no bad part about it. It was very scary and gory which makes it all so much better! If you like being scared to death then Haunted Overload is the place to go! So go too www.hauntedoverload.com

#2. Netherworld. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Netherworld is a great haunted house. I think it was the haunt to go too if you want to get the shit scared out of you! It has one of the best props I have ever seen. They a have a lot of animated props and they also have a lot of gory props as well. It has one of the best scenes I have ever seen in my life! Netherworld dose a great job making people run out of their. That how intense it is. I loved Netherworld one of my favorite haunted attractions! For More info on Netherworld go too www.fearworld.com

#1. 13th Gate. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 13th Gate makes number one because to me it is the most scariest haunted house you go too in America. It scared me a whole lot. You can not go to 13th Gate and not jump at least more then once! It is that scary. Now they don't have as much good props as Netherworld but they do have some very good props. 13th Gate has a lot of good scenes in mostly the whole place has good props and scenes. Their is no bad part in the whole entire haunt. Also its very long as well. You get what you pay for I will tell you that. If you ever want to get scared bad 13th gate is the place to go. For More info go too www.midnightproduction.com

That was our last countdown for you guys and we hope you enjoyed it. We are now officially done with Summer of screams! We would to give a big thanks to Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio for helping with the site. We want too warn you guys that in the next couple of weeks all of the summer of screams stuff will be gone so make sure to go to our site http://mchc60.50webs.com
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top 5 Haunted Houses in Michigan Sent to us by a Member of MCHC

Hello all! We got a good newsletter for you guys this week. We are still doing our Summer of Screams Celebration. Which if you did not know its about our countdown of the best haunted attractions in Michigan and Ohio. This week we have the Vice President of the club Craig Z list of his top favorite 5 Haunted Attractions in Michigan!
So we hope you enjoy!

#5. Extreme Scream. Located in Taylor Michigan- The Extreme Scream was an awesome haunted house in the Taylor area. I been going their for a couple years and it gets better every year I go. Its pretty gory but it has really good scenes in it. It was just an awesome haunt to go too!

#4. Scream Machine. Located in Taylor Michigan- This haunted house was really good. It is pretty long and it also had a lot of good props in it. Its defiantly a not an old school haunt! But the best part of the haunt was the helevator which I am not going to give anything away but its awesome! So go too www.fearscapestudios.com

#3. The Lab. Located in Grosse Ile,Michigan- The Lab was a great haunted house. One of the best haunts I have ever been too. I loved ever bit of it and it was really scary too. I think more haunts should have a plot like the lab. The lab is an awesome haunt. So come and see if you can over ride the lock down! So go too www.thelabhaunt.com

#2. Night Terrors- Night terrors is one of the best places you can go too if you want to get the shit scared out of 6 times! Night terrors has 6 different haunted attractions in one location and their all really good! I loved it, it is one of the best haunted attractions in Michigan. Also its at a good price. And if you do go too night terrors make sure you go to the Asylum its the best! Go too www.nightterrors.biz

#1. Deadly Intentions. Located in Warren Michigan- Deadly intentions is number the one cause it was pure scare. Each year I go to Deadly I always will get scared every time. They change every year,nothing new at all and it always gets better. So it makes it a worth wild haunt to go too. If you want to get scared every time you turn around. Go too Warren Michigan and go too Deadly Intentions. Go too www.deadlyintentionshaunt.com

That was our list. We would like too thank Craig for sending it in. Next week is our last summer of screams newsletter and we are going too give our list of the top 5 haunts in America. so stay tuned.
also go to our site for all the list

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Top 6 Haunted Forest of Michigan and Ohio

Hello all we are back from vacation and we have a good newsletter for you guys this week. This week we are still doing our Summer of Screams celebration! and this week we are counting down the Top 6 Haunted Forest in Michigan and Ohio!
So here we go

#6. Haunted Hallows. Located in Westland Michigan- This haunted forest was an awesome place to get scared. It was really long like any haunted forest. It had a nice trail full of screams. It had really nice scenes in it their were pretty gory so it all made it good. More info go to

#5. Terror in Townsend Forest. Located in Clarkston Michigan- Terror in the forest was really good haunted attraction. This haunt had a lot of surprises that you did not see coming as your on the trail! It had awesome scenes in it. A lot of people chasing you with chainsaws which is nice. It is well worth the drive from anywhere. For more info go to www.ocsc-mi.org

#4. Terrorfied Forest and Manor. Located in Livingston County- Terrorfied forest was really scary. It had great actors in it with really good costumes. They had some awesome props in it. One of the best props Ive seen in a haunted forest. Their was a lot of good parts in it some that made me jump a little but it was fun! Go too www.terrorfied.com

#3. Forest of Fright Haunted Trails. Located in Philo,Ohio- Forest of fright is by far one of the best haunted forest in Ohio. It was really scary and had some really good scenes in it. It was really long and it was worth any coast to get in. If your in the Ohio Area or you want to get the nuts scared out of you go to Philo Ohio! More info go too www.forestoffright.org

#2. Haunted Forest. Located in Dryden Michigan- I absolutely loved going too the Haunted Forest. It was an awesome place to go too, It had great scares in it. I enjoyed every little part of it. The Scenes in it were awesome too. It is one of the best haunted forest to go too in Michigan! Go too www.lapeercountyparks.org

#1. Wild Woods of Terror. Located in Saginaw Michigan- Wild woods of terror made number one cause it was the scariest out of anyone on our list. It was very long about 30 minutes of heart pounding scares. I loved every part of it too. Every year I go to Wild Woods of Terror cause it gets better every time. Every year its something new. So next time your in the Saginaw area make sure you go too Wild Woods of Terror! More info go too www.WWOT.2FEAR.com

That was our list everyone,we hoped you enjoyed it. Reminder too all who read this if you got any haunts you want to tell us about make sure you send in your list. It could be on any haunted attraction: haunted houses, hayrides or forest. Make sure you email us with your list at motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com.
Next week we will be showing you a list someone sent in!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

We are Back!!

Hello this week we are back from vacation! And we are counting dwon the best haunted woods in Michigan and ohio!
Also if you want to check our fishing video go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnusTOedSJs