Tuesday, December 22, 2009

District 9 Movie Review!!!

Hello all,
This week we got another great horror movie review for our Holidays of Horrors celebration. This is our final review for Holiday of horrors since the holidays are only days away! Now this is also our final newsletter of 2009,like we said on last weeks newsletter that we are taking the week off after Christmas due to all the holidays with family's and friends.
So our final review for the year is.... District 9.
District 9 Pictures, Images and Photos
Now before we start the review,We know that District 9 is not a horror movie but it is a SCFI movie and it had some horror related scenes.

District 9 was a kick ass movie,It is one of my favorite films for 2009! It was like no other movie you will ever see for this year and for me in my entire life! Now this movie gets a little slow in the beginning but once the action starts it gets better and better. One of the things I really enjoyed was how graphic the aliens look. They looked so life like. Now if you never herd of this movie this summer,well I guess you don't own a T.V at all because this movie was very well advertised. Now if your not into the ScFi type of movies you will probably not enjoy this movie. But I am not the biggest Scfi fan ether and I loved this movie,but it all depends on your liking. District 9 has a lot of high action type of scenes that keep you sitting on the edge of your seats from the beginning to the end. But to me it was kinda hard to follow at times but its has a pretty easy plot so if you do get confused you can still follow the movie. District 9 is one of my favorite Scfi movies I have ever seen and I think Director Peter Jackson did a hell of a job directing it one of his best films to me. So if you want a movie that will make you sit on the edge of your seats then go see and buy District 9!
Our official rating for District 9 is 5 out of 6 skulls!!

We hoped you enjoyed our Final review of the year and we hoped you enjoyed all the reviews we did for Holidays of Horrors Celebration.
We also want to thank you all the members and all the readers,This year was by far the best year we have ever had since the club has began 3 years ago! Also we are now 200 members in the club and we hope by next year we will go to 300 members! So thank to everyone.
We also like to thank our proud sponsor of the club Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio for helping out with our website trough out the year!
Now we are going to have some changes for 2010 in the club. That are going to improve the club a lot. So we hope you keep reading our newsletters in 2010.
So we hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
We will See you in 2010!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Happening Horror Movie Review!

Hello All,
This week we continue our Holiday of Horrors Celebration. This is our 2nd from last horror movie review for this month and year!! Next week will be our last news letter of Holiday of Horrors and of the Year due to the holidays we like to take the week off.
But lets get to this week
This week we are reviewing........The Happening (2008)
The Happening Pictures, Images and Photos

Now we do know that this movie is a year old. But this year we have reviewed a lot of the newer films. So we decided to review it.
You have probably herd a lot about The Happening probably a lot of bad things right? Well they are right. This movie sucked really bad. Now usually I am not a big critic on movies I like a lot of movies that a lot of people like. But this movie was horrible. The plot was pretty good I mean there is no movie out there with a plot like that. But then once you find out what is causing all the the people to kill themselves then it turns really stupid! Now I do not want to give the spoiler for the movie. But it is really dumb. Also its really dull,once you get past the first 30 minutes you have a hard time staying awake to it. Also the actors suck they are dull as well. Now the scenes were people kill themselves are pretty good and they are creative. But other then that this movie was just plane out WEIRD.
So if you like a lot of weird scenes then this movie might be for you. But I talked to a lot of people that usually like those kind of movies and they said once they found out why people are killing themselves,they started to hate it as well. So I think you should check it out if you get a chance too but don't go rushing to buy it or rent it.
So our official rating for The Happening (The lowest review we have ever gave a movie is)
2 out of 6 skulls!

We hoped you enjoyed our review of The Happening,
Next week we are reviewing The Stepfather any maybe another film but I am not promising anything on that.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saw 6 Horror Movie Review!!

Hello all,
This our second horror movie review this week for our Holiday of Horrors celebration!!!
This movie we are reviewing is........ Saw 6
saw 6 Pictures, Images and Photos

Now let me ask you a question, Did you think saw ended last year? Well let me tell you what I don't think Saw will never end. Here we are for the 6th time reviewing another saw movie. Now I was pretty surprised how good it was. It kept the same gore like all previous saw films but I think this one was the best on the gore level. Saw 6 had a pretty good plot to it, you would think after 5 films they would run out of ideas for a plot but every film is different which is what I really liked about. This saw had some great gore scenes in it to make you turn in your seat. One of things I didn't like is it was kinda hard to follow I was a little confused at some parts. And I hated the ending well I am not going to give anything a way but there is more then likely another saw in the series. But that is all I don't like about it. But I pretty much think that everyone who is into the Saw series like me and a lot of people are then Saw 6 is worth taking a try to see if you like it.
Our official rating for "Saw 6" is..... 4 out 6 Skulls!!

That was our review for Saw 6 and we hoped you found it use full. Now if you want to send us some feedback on reviews or you just want to send a movie to review email me at motorcityhorrorclub@gmail.com
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The Fourth Kind Horror Movie Review

Hello all,
This is our second week of our Holiday of Horrors celebration. During Holiday of Horrors we review horror movies for the Christmas and Holiday season.
This week we got a brand new review for you of.....
The Fourth Kind
The Fourth Kind Pictures, Images and Photos

Now when I first went to see this movie I had mix feelings on how good this movie was going to be. But I was pretty surprised on how good this film was. Now if you don't know what this movie is about, here is a little description. The Fourth Kind is about disappearances believe to be from the Fourth Kind or aliens. Now its supposed to be on actual cases that happened in Nome,Alaska.
Like I said this movie was pretty good at times and at other times it was really I mean really dull. Some scenes were almost putting me to sleep. But then again their was some scenes that were really good. Now if you don't really believe in alien abductions then you might not like this film. But I got to admit that some of the scenes where its on a home video camera are really good almost like chilling like at some points in the film. One of the things I like about "The Fourth Kind" is the actors every single one of them played a good role in the film. But the dullness of the film was horrible, there wasn't no spark in it like a lot of movies have. Like I said the home videos were really good but other then that I was pretty much falling a sleep trough the film. I know that is pretty harsh to say but it wasn't that exciting to keep you on the edge. But if you like chilling movies this movie is one of them... If you can stay awake
Our offical ratinf of "The Fourth Kind" is...... 3 out of 6 Skulls!!

We Hoped you enjoyed our review for The Fourth Kind.
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We got one more review for you right now for.... Saw 6
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paranormal Activity Review and Holiday of Horrors Kick Off

Hello all,
This week we kick off our new segment in the club called Holidays of Horrors.
Holiday of Horrors is where we all we do for the month is review horror movies. We try to review the latest horror movies and we will trow in some old movies as well.
Now on our site we are going to put up all of our Horror Movie Reviews on the main page of our site so you can read all the reviews we have done plus the new reviews as well.
So to kick off Holidays of Horrors we have a brand spanking review off.....
Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity Pictures, Images and Photos

Now when this movie came out I didn't know what to think about it because it really didn't catch my eye. Now when I finally did see it I wasn't shocked that it wasn't scary. This movie had some great scenes in it but to me I wasn't jumping out of my seat like the previews showed. The only good thing about the whole movie is the ending. But if watched the preview for it you pretty much new that was going to happen. I ain't going to lie Paranormal Activity is pretty creepy at some parts in the film. But its not going to make you never sleep with the lights off again. But I will say it makes you wonder if that can actually happen. One things I really like about the film is that they make it so real. It's all shot on an home video camera which makes more creepy. But to me I think it is worth giving it a try to see what you might think about it. If you are thinking your gonna get scared to death then you are wrong. But it is a pretty cool movie to see even if you don't get scared to death
So our official rating for Paranormal Activity is: 3 out of 6 Skulls!

Well that is our first review for our Holidays of Horrors celebration and make sure you go to our site http://mchc60.50webs.com to see all our horror movie reviews.
Next week we are reviewing... The Fourth Kind!!
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