Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Realm of Darkness Haunted House Review!

Hello all,
This week we have one of our final haunted house reviews for haunt season 2009. I can't believe the season is almost gone but we still got one more haunt to go to this year.
But this our latest review...Realm of Darkness

Realm of Darkness Haunted House. Located Pontiac,Michigan. Go to www.relamofdarkness.com

This was my first attending Realm of Darkness and let me tell you this haunt was Amazing. By far one of the most scariest haunts in Michigan. If you like in your face scaring action then this is the place for you. Realm of Darkness will scare you no matter who you are! The actors had some of the best costumes I have seen. This haunt was an old school style type of haunt mixed with some new school props. I liked the way they mixed old school and new school together. This haunt was really dark when I say its dark it was dark. I couldn't even find my way trough with out hitting a wall. One of the things I loved about this haunt is how gory it is almost ever scene had some great gore and guts. Now their was I one thing I didn't like about it is that it seemed that the actors jumped out a little too early. Sometimes you would walk right pass them and then they would jump out. But when they jump out right man they would be right in your face which makes it all so much more terrifying. The Realm of Darkness is also a very large haunt. You get what you pay for when you go to this haunt. If you like to get the you know what out of you the realm of darkness is the one place for you. If you can make it trough. So make sure you check this great haunt out!
Our official review for The Realm of Darkness is: 5 out of 6 skulls!

We hoped you enjoyed our review on The Realm of Darkness.
We would like to remind you about our back yard haunted house called the Asylum. Which is located in Taylor Michigan by the Mcdonalds. On Polk Street left side of Ecorseroad. Open Halloween night 7-??? Admission is Free (more candy will be given to all trick or treaters who make it trough)
we hope to see you their if your in the area!
Next week we will give you our last haunted house review of Erebus in Pontiac Michigan
We hope everyone has a great Halloween and hope it is safe as well
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Wild Woods of Terror Review!

Hell all
We got another great Haunted house Review for you. We got two Realm of darkness and Wild Woods of terror.
So here is our first review.....
Wild Woods of Terror. Located in Saginaw Michigan. Go to www.wwot.2fear.com
This years Wild Woods of Terror was awesome. This year was one of their best years I have seen. The Trial was a lot more longer then any other year which means one thing more scares! Wild Woods had some of the best scares I have seen from any haunted forest in a long time. Now their is some parts of the trial where their is nothing happening but then Boom you get hit with a scare. This haunt had a lot of people chasing you with chainsaws! Now their is some awesome themes in this place. The scenes were very creative a lot of the scenes I have never seen before. Now unlike some haunted forest their is no cheesy stuff in this woods. Everything in this place is top notch including props and all. This by far one of the best haunted woods I have ever been to in my life. So if you are in the Saginaw area this weekend make sure you stop at Wild woods of terror its well worth the drive from anywhere.
Our official rating for Wild Woods of Terror is: 5 out of 6 Skulls!

Hope you enjoyed our review. We still have 2 more reviews for you guys to till the end of this ever short haunt season.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Asylum Yard of Terror!

Hello all,
We would like to tell you guys about our 2nd annual Yard of Terror!

This year theme is The Asylum
Come and join all of the motor city horror club crew for some great scares and good fun at the Asylum haunted yard of terror.
This year is going to be the best year yet with more scenes more workers and a lot more scares.
Can you survive the terror can you survive the crazy people in the asylum?
Location: Taylor Michigan. Polk Street
Directions:pass the McDonald's on the left hand side (follow Sign's)
Admission: Free
Time: 7-???
If you are trick or treating more candy will be given too all that make it trough alive.
Go to our site http://mchc60.50webs.com
Can you Surive??

The Lab Haunted House Review!

Hello all,
This week we got a great haunted house review for you guys. Now unfortunately we only got one haunted house we were able to get too. Also we are un pleased to say that we haft to get rid of one of the haunts we are supposed to go to. We are not able to go to Night Terrors do to lack of time and money we cant be able to go this year but we do recommended going to Night Terrors for more info go too www.nighterrors.biz Sorry for that.
This week we are reviewing The Lab Haunted Attraction

The Lab. Located in Groose Ile,Michigan. Go too www.thelabhaunt.com
Last haunt season we went to the lab and we had a awesome time one of my favorite haunts of the year and let me tell you this year was no different. Actually I think this year was better then last year. This year they had some awesome scenes and great props and I forgot GREAT SCARES. This haunt is by the far on the list of the most scariest and coolest haunts that is in Michigan. I love everything about this haunt I especially love the theme. Its a theme that you would never see in a haunt. Its also pretty big haunt as well one of the biggest in the area! The Lab is kinda of haunt that you will never forget about. I have never been to a haunt such as unique as the lab and that's a good thing. Now the lab is not the most goriest haunt that is out their but it has some scenes that are pretty gory. Its also a pretty good maze I got lost a couple of times because its so dark. The props in this haunt are insane this haunt has one of the best props in the Detroit area. The lab I can guarantee you that your going to get scared. But the real question is Can You Over Ride The Lock Down?
Our Official Ratting for the Lab is: 6 out of 6 skulls
We hope you get to check out The Lab. Also join The Lab at midnight every Friday and Saturday for the lock downs between 12-1 AM.
Now like we said we couldn't make it out to Night Terrors due to all our money is going to our back yard haunted house which you will learn more about next newsletter.
This week we are going too Realm of Darkness and Wild Woods of Terror.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Urban Legends Haunted Attraction Reviews

Hell all,
This week we got a Huge review to go in to our Hauntober Celebration.
This week we are reviewing... Urban Legends Haunted Attraction. Located in Detroit Michigan. Go to www.moneybackhauntedhouse.com

Now Urban Legends has 6 haunts in one location. But we are reviewing all of them accept Movie Monsters and Mad Man. The reason why we didn't review it is that is was kinda too short to review. But it was good haunt. So here we go

#1. Hells Labyrinth- This haunt was pure awesome. I loved everything about this haunted house. Its pure insanity trough out the whole haunt you got people screaming in your face and pure terror. Another part I loved about it is that you can choose your own pass of fear. Each part has its own different and more intense scares. I love haunts like that were you have a mission while your in it and Hells Labyrinth mission is making out a live. We loved everything about this haunt and hope to come back
Our Official Review for hell labyrinth is: 6 out of 6 Skulls

#2.Zombie Contamination- Now when I went trough this haunt I didn't no how good it was going to be but it was GREAT. This haunt as a mission were zombies take over Detroit and you haft to make it trough. Now one of the things I liked about it was all the gore that was in it. Pretty much the whole haunt was filled with gore and great scenes. It was kinda of lacking on the scares a little bit. I wasn't has scared has I been trough the last haunt. But I still enjoyed everything about the whole entire thing. I thought it had a great theme which is another plus so all in all it was very good haunt
Our Official Review of Zombie Contamination is: 5 out of 5 Skulls.

#3. Clown Freak Show- This haunt was the goriest and one of the most scariest haunts that is in Urban Legends. Clown Freak show is a great example of pure terror and gore. I loved the whole entire thing it was non stop scares. Actors were popping out of every where trough the whole things. If you have a fear of Clowns I would recommend not to go trough the house because the entire haunt was filled with awesome looking clowns looking to scare the shit out of you!!!
Our official review for Clown Freak Show is: 6 out 6 skulls

#4. Dr.Phobias- Dr.Phobias is my all time favorite haunt in Urban legends. It had great scares,great props,great scenes and great gore. One of the things that was good in this haunt was it was such an old school style haunt. 100% old school haunt which is a great future in this haunt. Now the scares were excellent their was some parts that I jumped at. Also the gore was very good in it. It also had very small rooms were you haft to make your way trough it. So if you don't like being caught up in small areas then this haunt is not recommended. But I enjoyed and loved this haunt.
Our Official review for Dr.Phobias is: 6 out of 6 skulls

#5. Bloody Mary's Butcher Shop- Now if you like gore and scares then this haunt is for you. It is by far one of the goriest haunts around Michigan. It had some great scares and great scenes in it. Now it was kinda short but it was a great time and we loved it.
our Official review for bloody Mary's Butcher Shop is: 5 out of 6 Skulls

We hoped you enjoyed the review and we would like to say that we had a great time at Urban Legends and we recommend everyone going to take a visit to urban legends. www.moneybackhauntedhouse.com
Now we go the info for our haunted yard and we will post all the info in a separate news letter.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Deadly Intentions Haunted House Review

Hello all,
This week we have more haunted house reviews for Hauntober 2009. This week we went to two haunted houses. Urban Legends and Deadly Intentions.
So we got one of our two reviews.... Deadly Intentions!

Deadly Intentions. Located in Warren,Michigan. Go to www.deadlyintentionshaunt.com

Deadly Intentions is by far one of the best haunts that I went to this year so far this haunting season. I mean I say that every time I go their but I sware to you that it gets better every year we go to Deadly. Now this years theme was pretty unique its City of The Living Dead. It was an awesome theme. Pretty much it was 20 minutes of good props and scenes and I forgot... GREAT SCARES!! The scares in deadly get better as the years go buy. and this year was prolly the best on the scare level. I mean their were in your face action the whole entire time. Deadly Intentions as always been a In your face haunt but I think this year was the most in your face you can get with a price of an admission ticket. I also think its one of the most goriest haunted houses you ever fine. With gore that can make your stomach twist. Another thing I love about Deadly is its always experience etheir you trying to escape a prsion (2008 theme) or trying to escape fast zombies trough a maze of hell. Their is no part of this haunt that you can not love. Every part ethier scares the you no what out of you or just make you wonder was is going trough the creators head of this place their must be something wrong with them!
Deadly Intentions is a must go for this years Haunt Season!!!
Our Offical Rating for Deadly Intentions is: 6 out of 6 skulls!

We hoped you enjoyed our review make sure you go to their site www.dealyintentionshaunt.com
stay tune for tommrow review on urban legends haunted attractions review
and our total info on our haunted yard.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Haunting Haunted House Review!

Hello all,
Yesterday we brought you one of two haunted attraction reviews that we went to this past weekend.
So our final review for this week is......
The Haunting. Located in Adrian,Michigan. Go to www.myhaunting.com
Their is 3 attractions at the haunting and we went to them all. So we got a review for all of them.

Lost Haunted house
Now lost was new for this year and I think its a great addition to The Haunting. It takes place in the parking lot of the attraction. Now its not that scary I mean I didn't think their was any parts that made me jump. But their is some really gory scenes and awesome props. That is the part I liked about it. But it's kinda short for a haunted house. But its an outside event and inside event so if you add them together their pretty long. But I think it should be a little more scarier but other then that it was a pretty good haunt.
Our Rating for The lab is: 3 out of 6 Skulls

3 Dementia
This is one of the best parts about the haunting. Its a 3-D haunt and it's the largest 3-d in around. Now I really not a big fan of 3-D haunts but I thought this was one was the best. They didn't over do it with the 3-d and they had some good old actors scaring you in it. They had some great scenes in it as well,it was a in your face kind of scares. It was also pretty gory they had a lot of great props that were very gory looking. Now the scares were the best of the season so far. It had a lot of people in your face and with the 3-D it made it all so much better. If your visiting The haunting make sure you go to 3 Dementia!
Our Official rating of 3 Dementia is: 6 out of 6 skulls!

Manic Maze
Manic Maze was awesome! That's pretty much the only word that can describe it. Its the longest haunt that is at The Haunting. Now if you do not like getting lost for a long time then I would not go to Manic Maze. It's 20,000 square feet of walls,props and good scares. I would haft to say I had a hard time getting trough it I got lost a couple times. Now the scares were great they had it all with the scares. Another thing I liked about it was an old school type of a haunt. they had no new school stuff in it just good scares and props. I loved everything about it and I think it is well worth it to go trough it If you DARE!!
Our Official rating for Manic Maze is: 6 out of 6 skulls!

That is our review for The Haunting remember go to their site www.myhaunting.com for more info.
Now we want to tell you about our 2nd annual Yard of Terror haunted back yard. We are in the works on having our 2nd year for our haunted back yard. Here is some info: Absolutely FREE. And its open October 31st 7pm to ??. Now its a cheap props and cheap scares but we are doing it for fun. Next week we will give the location and theme for 2009 yard of Terror
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Next week we are reviewing The Lab

Monday, October 5, 2009

Extreme Scream Haunted House Review!

Hello all,
This week we got more haunted house reviews for you for the First weekend of October. We went to two haunts this weekend.
The Extreme Scream haunted house and The haunting haunted attractions.
So here is the first of the haunted house reviews:

The Extreme Scream. Located in Taylor Michigan!
Now we have been going to The Extreme Scream for years now and let me tell you This Year was the best yet. It was a lot better then past years. Extreme Scream is 100% old school haunted house. Their was no Hollywood Style props like you see in a lot of haunts. I am not saying their wasn't any good props cause their were a lot of cool looking props. But not Hollywood style kind. But that doesn't matter it was still an awesome haunt. They had it all optical illusions,gory scenes,tunnels,good actors. They had some awesome optical illusions were the wall would move and the all room on the other side of the door would change completely which I have never really seen before. They also had parts were you haft to crawl around in a narrow tunnel. The scenes in Extreme Scream were really good as well. Now one think I loved about it is that it was extremely dark you couldn't see anything trough out the whole haunt until you it the scene. Now I think the timing was off a little bit when they were trying to scare people. It seemed like they would pop out after you already walked past them. But that was only problem I noticed. It was also pretty cheap 10$ for 20 minutes of good scares and fun that is a hell of a deal and most of it goes to Boy Scoots. So if you are looking for a place to get scared which they did a good job as well then I think the Extreme Scream is the place to go!
Our Official rating for Extreme Scream Haunted House is: 6 out 6 Skulls!

We hoped you enjoyed our review. Tomorrow we will be reviewing: The haunting which is located in Adrian Michigan.
Also we will give you info on our 2nd Annual back yard haunted house!
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