Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Urban Legends Haunted Attraction Reviews

Hell all,
This week we got a Huge review to go in to our Hauntober Celebration.
This week we are reviewing... Urban Legends Haunted Attraction. Located in Detroit Michigan. Go to www.moneybackhauntedhouse.com

Now Urban Legends has 6 haunts in one location. But we are reviewing all of them accept Movie Monsters and Mad Man. The reason why we didn't review it is that is was kinda too short to review. But it was good haunt. So here we go

#1. Hells Labyrinth- This haunt was pure awesome. I loved everything about this haunted house. Its pure insanity trough out the whole haunt you got people screaming in your face and pure terror. Another part I loved about it is that you can choose your own pass of fear. Each part has its own different and more intense scares. I love haunts like that were you have a mission while your in it and Hells Labyrinth mission is making out a live. We loved everything about this haunt and hope to come back
Our Official Review for hell labyrinth is: 6 out of 6 Skulls

#2.Zombie Contamination- Now when I went trough this haunt I didn't no how good it was going to be but it was GREAT. This haunt as a mission were zombies take over Detroit and you haft to make it trough. Now one of the things I liked about it was all the gore that was in it. Pretty much the whole haunt was filled with gore and great scenes. It was kinda of lacking on the scares a little bit. I wasn't has scared has I been trough the last haunt. But I still enjoyed everything about the whole entire thing. I thought it had a great theme which is another plus so all in all it was very good haunt
Our Official Review of Zombie Contamination is: 5 out of 5 Skulls.

#3. Clown Freak Show- This haunt was the goriest and one of the most scariest haunts that is in Urban Legends. Clown Freak show is a great example of pure terror and gore. I loved the whole entire thing it was non stop scares. Actors were popping out of every where trough the whole things. If you have a fear of Clowns I would recommend not to go trough the house because the entire haunt was filled with awesome looking clowns looking to scare the shit out of you!!!
Our official review for Clown Freak Show is: 6 out 6 skulls

#4. Dr.Phobias- Dr.Phobias is my all time favorite haunt in Urban legends. It had great scares,great props,great scenes and great gore. One of the things that was good in this haunt was it was such an old school style haunt. 100% old school haunt which is a great future in this haunt. Now the scares were excellent their was some parts that I jumped at. Also the gore was very good in it. It also had very small rooms were you haft to make your way trough it. So if you don't like being caught up in small areas then this haunt is not recommended. But I enjoyed and loved this haunt.
Our Official review for Dr.Phobias is: 6 out of 6 skulls

#5. Bloody Mary's Butcher Shop- Now if you like gore and scares then this haunt is for you. It is by far one of the goriest haunts around Michigan. It had some great scares and great scenes in it. Now it was kinda short but it was a great time and we loved it.
our Official review for bloody Mary's Butcher Shop is: 5 out of 6 Skulls

We hoped you enjoyed the review and we would like to say that we had a great time at Urban Legends and we recommend everyone going to take a visit to urban legends. www.moneybackhauntedhouse.com
Now we go the info for our haunted yard and we will post all the info in a separate news letter.
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