Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Find Your Fear Info

Hello all,
Last week we started find your fear which is online haunted attraction finder
And this week we want to remind people about it!

Find your fear is a free advertisement for haunted attractions. We post the info of the haunts on our site Http:// or our myspace just made for it We are slowly getting the haunts info up as it comes to us but we will keep find your fear troughout the haunt season as well.

Now to advertise its absoultly free, all we need is the info from you!
The info we would like is: Dates of operation, price,hours,location,website/phone number,small picture.
We gota couple up and if you want your haunt advertise please send me a email at with info or please send us a message at offical find your fear myspace page at
Our site will be updated soon as well

And offical sponser of Find Your Fear is Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio! Your home for everything horror. To listen to there podcast please go to there site:

Now we also got a new sponser in the club that we are proud to give a mention about
Thorn Web Designs Here is the advertisement:
Thorn Web Designs is now accepting new clients. Are you a haunted attraction needing a new website or current website facelift? Haunt season is right around the corner. We got the smoke you need for web presence. Check out our site, view what our clients have to say and contact us today.

We are proud to say that our facebook is getting more fans! So if you want to become a fan of MCHC on facebook please go to!/pages/Motor-city-Horror-Club/412337190500?ref=ts
So please check out find your fear, we really want people to find there way to haunted houses and we want attractions not to pay hunderds on advertisement when you can do it for free with Find your Fear so make sure you check out our site to read more
Thanks, for reading

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Find your fear 2010!

Hello all,
Last week ended our Summer of Screams celebration and we are back on vacation
like we said in the last newsletter we said we are starting something new
so here is the info!

We are starting our second annual Find Your Fear free haunted attraction advertisement,
Find your fear is is basically a online haunted attraction finder, we haunted houses, haunted hayrides, haunted forest/ maze. We don't just advertise haunted attractions in Michigan we are also advertising haunts in Ohio as well.

We are advertising trough our site and we created a special myspace for Find your Fear, were we will have the location of the haunt, dates of operation,pricing, hours, and a picture if available and if we went to the event we will give the rating that we gave it.

Now for the haunted attractions this advertisement is absolutely free, all we need from you is the information for your event.
We would like the following info for the advertisement:
Location(City,State),Dates of operation,price,Hours,Phone number,website, short description ( Not required) and we would like maybe a picture.
Now send the info at our email or send us a message at our official myspace for find your fear at

We will be having our grand edition of find your fear on Sept 22nd but we will be still updating and keeping find your fear up till November 1st.
We will be posting new advertisements as soon we get it in so stay with us
So make sure you go to our site Http:// or our official myspace for find your fear at to read all our our advertisements

Find your fear is officially sponsored by Channel66.6 Haunted Radio your home for everything horror go to
Thanks for reading and reminder haunt attractions please send your info at its free and it will help out
thanks and make sure you check our facebook and twitter

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Top 5 Haunted Attractions in America 2009!

Hello all,
The last couple of weeks we have been doing our Summer of Screams edition of the club, were we give our list of our Favorite Haunted Attractions and more during the 2009 season. This week is our last week of Summer of Screams and to end Summer of Screams we are giving our list of the Top 5 Haunted Attractions in America
So here we go:

#5.Headless Horsemen. Located in Ulster Park, New York. Headless Horsemen is an awesome haunted attraction. Its outside but that makes in all more terrifying. It has really good scenes in it. It's very scary with lifelike scenes and props in it. Headless Horsemen is a great haunted house. and is worth the trip from anywhere! For more info on Headless Horsemen go to

#4. Scare House. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Scare House is one of the best haunts in America. I think it's one of the goriest haunts in America. Scare House is a semi old school haunt mixed in with new style props. Which I love about it because it dose not have all the high tech props like some haunts have in it. Scare House is an awesome haunted attraction. So come and check it out next Haunt Season! Go too their site at

#3. Haunted Overload. Located in New Hampshire. This haunted attraction is pure AWESOME! loved haunted overload, it is one of the best haunted houses in New Hampshire and America. Everything about Haunted Overload was awesome. I mean their is no bad part about it. It was very scary and gory which makes it all so much better! If you like being scared to death then Haunted Overload is the place to go! So go too

#2. Netherworld. Located in Atlanta, Georgia. Netherworld is a great haunted house. I think it was the haunt to go too if you want to get the shit scared out of you! It has one of the best props I have ever seen. They a have a lot of animated props and they also have a lot of gory props as well. It has one of the best scenes I have ever seen in my life! Netherworld dose a great job making people run out of their. That how intense it is. I loved Netherworld one of my favorite haunted attractions! For More info on Netherworld go too

#1. 13th Gate. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 13th Gate makes number one because to me it is the most scariest haunted house you go too in America. It scared me a whole lot. You can not go to 13th Gate and not jump at least more then once! It is that scary. Now they don't have as much good props as Netherworld but they do have some very good props. 13th Gate has a lot of good scenes in mostly the whole place has good props and scenes. Their is no bad part in the whole entire haunt. Also its very long as well. You get what you pay for I will tell you that. If you ever want to get scared bad 13th gate is the place to go. For More info go too

We hope you enjoyed our Summer of Screams celibration its one of our favorite segments of the club because it gets us pumped up for the next haunt season which is ever so close away.
We would like to give a big thanks to our proud sponsor Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio for helping us with or site and all our members for reading our newsletters every week , Thanks a lot for reading and making MCHC what it is today!
Now next week we are on vacation for the last time till December so sorry no newsletter that week but the week of the 15th we are starting a new segment called Find Your fear which you will find more info that week
So make sure you go to our site to read all our summer of screams stuff and more
Thanks for Reading
Be back on the 15th