Tuesday, January 27, 2009

White Noise Movie Review

Hello and welcome to our newsletter. We got another horror movie review for you guys. This week we are reviewing and kinda old movie but a good one. We are reviewing White Noise which came out in 2005.

When White Noise came out I did not think it would be good as it actually was! White noise is was of my favorite horror movies in 2005 and I still like watching it when ever I can. Its a very chilling movie to see. White Noise is about the dead trying to reach the main actor Micheal Keaton trough static trough the T.V and radio. Which I think is one of the best ideas for a film very original! Also I think this is Micheal Keaton best movie. He is a good actor and he shows it in White Noise. I think white noise is a good movie to take to freak people out. It kinda freaked me out cause it is actually true that some spirits can reach people trough the static in the radio. If you watch any ghost hunters show its actually true. Which is a good thing to remember if your watching White Noise.

Our final rating is 6 out of 6 skulls.

We got some good news for next month horror news letter. We will be having another election about the best horror movies of 2008 and many more. So stay tuned with our newsletters.
and make sure to check out our Fright forum http://frightforum. proboards. com
Thanks for reading

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Deadly News Preview!

The president of the club Dustin Paras and Vice President are going to have a meeting Tuesday January 27th! We are going to be discussing some new ideas for the club. We are going to have something big for February. Were going hopefully preview it at the next edition of Deadly News. Which we be tomorrow for sure!
So stay tuned.
Next edition of Deadly news is going to have a review of White Nose!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some News

We just has some new news for you all. We are getting more and more members every day. I think we are at 110 members and we want to get too 120 by end of February. I think we will make it and if you any of you want to spread the word that would be great. Now onto some sad news. Deadly news might be on a little delay sometimes :( the problem is that I have a case of the flu and might not have a chance next week to make the newsletter. Also new classes start and might take a minute for me to adjust lol. But I think we will have one out but just we might not have one every week for a little while.
Thanks a lot for being members!
President of The Motor City Horror club

Top Ten Haunts of 2008!

hello all.

Now you all no that the haunting season has long since come and go. But since we had no time after the haunting season to release our Top Ten Haunts of 08! We could not release till now.
So here we go,we will start at the bottom and make our way to the top!

#10. Scare Grounds at the Fairgrounds Detroit- Scare grounds was a pretty good haunt in the Detroit area. But the scares were a little weak not enough to make you jump a lot. But its great place to come and take someone who as never been to a haunted house.
We gave it 3 out 6 skulls! Go to Scareground. net

#9. Scream Machine Taylor- was a pretty cool haunted house to check out some special effects.
But it was kinda too wide open you could see all the Actors which was the only bad part about it but all in all it was a great haunt! we gave it 5 out of 6 skulls go tofearscapesstudios. com/screamachine

#8. The Crypt Burton Mi- (This was sent to me early this month by a member) It was a pretty cool haunted house dark as hell but made a lot of people jump and it was very old school haunt.
They gave it 4 out of 6 skulls!

#7. Barn of Blood,New Boston- One of the best old schools haunted house out their. Very dark and gory and a lot of scares in it. Its get better every year.
and really cheap too. We gave it 6 out of 6!
go to myspace. com/thebarnofblood

#6. Extreme Scream,Taylor- One of my most favorite haunts to go to every year. and this year was no different. It was really good and actually hard to find your way out of their. It was also very scary too. We gave it a good 6 out of 6 skulls.

#5. Wild Woods of Terror,Saginaw- Now this is a haunted woods but i thought it should be on the list. It was one of the best haunted woods out their in Michigan! It is really long and dark you go trough series of barns and woods. Also you get more scare for your buck! We gave it 4 out of 6 skulls.
Go to www. WWOT. 2FEAR. com

#4.Night Terrors Haunted Mind Shaft- This is one of my most favorite haunted attraction at wirads orchid Night Terrors. Its very different kind of haunt out their. It has a lot of good scenes in it and its crazy We gave it 6 out 6 skulls.

#3. The Lab Gosse Ile.- The Lab is one of the best haunts I went to this year! Its not like any haunted house I ever went too. You actually got a mission to do. Its also a mix of old school haunts and new style haunts too. Its a crazy place to go to But you will enjoy the Lab very much. If you make it trough.
We give it 6 out of 6 skulls Go to thelabhaunt. com

#2 Night Terrors-Wirads Orchid - Night terrors is one of the best places to go if you want to get scared out of your minds. They have not one but six haunted attractions in one place! and all of them are the best around. They all have their different themed haunts. Also they have one of the best haunted hayrides out their.
go to www. NightTerrors. biz

Now our number one best haunt of 2008 is.

Deadly Intentions Detroit- This by far the best in Michigan and also the most scariest haunts this year. When I went their was people running out crying! It was really dark and gory. But its an awesome haunt to go to. and it gets better every year! We gave it 6 out of 6 skulls.
go to www. DeadlyIntentionsHaunt. com
That was our top ten haunts. Now next year we are trying to go to more haunts then this year. We want a top 15 next year. We also want to thank all the haunted attractions.
They were all great! Also The club is growing every day which is great! If you want the complete reviews for each haunted attraction go to our site!
Next week is going to be our top 5 goriest haunts ever!
Fright Forum: http://frightforum. proboards. com/index. ca

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hills Have Eyes 2 Review and Horror news 1/13/09

Hello all folks and welcome to our newsletter. We got another great horror movie review for you guys.

This review is.. The Hills Have Eyes 2 which came out in 2007.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
Hills have eyes was a pretty decent film that came out in 2007. It was not as good as the first one that came out in 2006. Which was a remake from the first Hills Have Eyes which came out in 1977 and in my books its one of the best horror movie classics that ever came out. But the second hills have eyes was not as good as the first horror remake. It really was kinda dull their was no real plot change just different characters. Now the monsters in it looked the same as the first one. They looked sick they looked 10 times better then the first original one. But it dose have some pretty scary parts in it and their is some pretty creepy parts in it as well. But I believe their was not as much gory scenes in the second one then the first one. But it was a pretty good film but I really like the first one more then the second one.
But were both very good movies to watch
so we give it a good 4 out of 6 Skulls!

Now we do have some good news in the club as well. We are getting a lot more new members in the club which is Great! Another big news in the club is in partners with Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio we have made a fright Forum in which you can go and talk about your favorite haunted houses horror movies and much more! We will be posting weekly stuff on their as well.
Go to http://frightforum. proboards. com/index. cgi
and next week we will be posting our top ten haunts of 2008!
So Stay warm out their! Thanks

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio Advertisement


Channel 66.6 is a radio podcast that discusses about everything horror. They tell all the newest news in the haunted attraction and horror movies. Channel 66.6 is great on bringing you details on new horror movies coming out. Their one of the best haunted podcast out their right now and I think their the best. They are always on of the first to bring any news on everything horror. Also they have horror movie reviews in their show. Channel 66.6 also has haunt do it your self which gives you tips on how to make products that will scare people. Which is one of my most favorite parts of the show. I look forward to Channel 66.6 podcast every week!
So make sure you go to their website to download their show. and if you have a myspace go add their myspace
and they have videos on youtube
Their next show will be on Wednesday January 14th .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fright Forum!

We are proud to announce that in partner with Channel 66.6 haunted radio we have made a forum. So we can discuss anything about horror from haunted houses and horror movies to polls and many more!
We will have the link on our site soon!
So come and check it out!
Go to

and thanks to channel 66.6 for asking us to be in
their website is http:hauntedradio.50webs.com

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Link Exchange?

We have a link page on our site. If any one wants to do a link exchange or exchange banners
We will be more then happy to exchange.
So email us if your interested.
Hello everyone and Happy New Year to everyone of you and hope you start the new year right.

Now this our first official post of the year.

Now our last segment we did was holiday of horrors which turned out pretty good. We got a lot of good comments about all our horror movie reviews we did. Which was a lot in a 3 week time period.

But we got some new ideas for this year and also we updated our website quite a bit.

So here is some new plans for 2009!
We have a new page that has all our horror movies reviews that we done in the past on their and any new ones that we decide to do will be put up their. We will have a lot of horror movie reviews for you this year. and all of it will be put up on our site.
we will review old horror movies and some new ones if we get a chance to watch them!
Another thing we did for our site is we added a blog link that goes right to our blog. Which will have all of our news letters from the past and present on their Also on the blogs were thinking of adding polls were you can vote for your favorite movie and other stuff like that. We also will put ads on our blog for haunted houses T.v Shows and anything else.

So if you want us to mention you on our blog give me a email at dustinsspoets@yahoo.com
our blog address is http://motorcityhorrorclub. blogspot. com/
We will have a new newsletter every Tuesday.

But always check our blog for cancellations
Thanks a lot all our members.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to our News Letter

Welcome all readers!
If your new or not new to the Motor City Horror Club we have a weekly news letter that comes out every Tuesday. Now we have been doing the news letters on myspace. Trough bulletins. But we decided that we want the public to read this and if any wants to look back on news letter they can do so in the blog.
Also we will have polls on movies and other stuff like that.
We also will have all our horror movie reviews and Haunted house reviews on here too!
Now we would like to thank Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio for helping us with our site.
you can reach them at
and our site is
keep reading