Sunday, January 11, 2009

Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio Advertisement


Channel 66.6 is a radio podcast that discusses about everything horror. They tell all the newest news in the haunted attraction and horror movies. Channel 66.6 is great on bringing you details on new horror movies coming out. Their one of the best haunted podcast out their right now and I think their the best. They are always on of the first to bring any news on everything horror. Also they have horror movie reviews in their show. Channel 66.6 also has haunt do it your self which gives you tips on how to make products that will scare people. Which is one of my most favorite parts of the show. I look forward to Channel 66.6 podcast every week!
So make sure you go to their website to download their show. and if you have a myspace go add their myspace
and they have videos on youtube
Their next show will be on Wednesday January 14th .

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