Friday, October 29, 2010

The Crypt Haunted house Review

Hello all,
We got our final haunted house review for the 2010 haunt season, we are sad too see it come to the end, since Halloween we are running our Yard of Terror home haunt.
so our final review for 2010 is

The Crypt, Located at: Burton,Michigan
This is my first year ever going to The Crypt and I thought it was a good haunt. It was an old school type of a hunt with a lot of great scenes in it. It had a lot of awesome props in it and it was very gory. One of the reasons why I liked it was a in your face type of a haunt. People in your face every left and right trough the whole entire haunt. But there was some things I disliked about it as well. I thought it was a little to short for my liking, I wish it was a little bit longer. Another reason why I didn't like it was that I could see people ahead of the time so when theu jumped out in front of us we already had see thems. But other then that I think The Crypt was a great haunt and if you are in the area its deffently a must go.
Our offical rating for The Crypt is 4 out of 6 skulls.

We hope you enjoyed our review,
Now as we said before we are having a haunted yard and if your looking for a good time you guys should stop by
We are open 7 to ?? located in Taylor,Michigan on Polk St right of ecorse,
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extreme Scream Haunted House Review

Hello all,
We are back in action, this week we got a couple reviews for you,
Today we are reviewing another great haunt for our annual Hauntober celebration which is our haunted house review section in the club.
Today's review is

Extreme Scream Haunted House, Located in Waterford, Michigan.
We have been going to the Extreme Scream for years now since it was right in our neighborhood and we always loved it, and this years haunt was no different. This years haunt was really awesome one of my favorite haunted house so far this haunt season. They have a lot of unique scenes trough out the haunt, and it will scare the hell out of you every step trough this haunt. Another reason why I loved this haunt is it's strictly a old school haunt, just great scenes and great scares. This haunt as also changed a lot with new scenes and good scares. I have no complants about this haunt. Also the price is very reasonable and its well worth it. If you like in your face fear and awesome scares this haunt is for you, and it's always been a favorite of mine and I always look forward to getting scared and having a good time at the Extreme Scream and I think you will too.
So our official rating of Extreme Scream is 6 out of 6 skulls

We hope you enjoyed our review, next review is The Crypt located in Burton,Michigan.
Now has the haunt season comes to a fast end we only got one review left then we start working on our own haunt to Halloween
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Deadly Intentions Haunted House Review

Hello all,
Sorry for missing a week, we have been really busy with work and school we just didn't have time to make a newsletter, but we are back in action and we got a great review
This week we are reviewing Deadly Intentions Haunted House located in Warren, Michigan.

Here we go:
Every Haunt season I always make it out to Deadly Intentions. Every year I go it gets better and better. This year is no Different, this year haunt was awesome. There was no actually theme to it like the last couple years, but I think having no theme made it better. Its a very in your face haunt, with great scares. This year the haunt was 10 times longer then it any other year I gone to. The scares got a lot better and the scenes were amazing. There is not to many haunts that can top Deadly Intentions, they make it goal to scare the hell out of you every year. They also care about the customers too. I love deadly, and every year I love it more. I think Deadly Intentions is one of the best haunted houses in Michigan and I think it is a must go. If you want to get scared out of your mind Deadly Intentions is the place to go.
Our Official Rating for Deadly Intentions is 6 out of 6 skulls!
Make sure you go to there site

We hope you enjoyed our review, Tuesdays we are reviewing another great haunt Extreme Scream Haunted house, so stay tuned for that.

Now we also got our info for our 2010 Haunted Yard of Terror info presented by the MCHC crew here it is
One of the best haunted yards in Taylor. This home haunt is complete with live actors, and great scenes. This year is going to be the best year yet, as our goal is we will try to beat last years record with 10 people who could not make it out of our haunt!!

So can you make it out through the
Haunted Yard of Terror?!?

Location: Polk Street, Taylor Michigan
Directions: Off Ecorse road by the McDonald's
on the right hand side (follow the signs)
Date: October 31st
Time: 7:00 pm - ???
Admission: Free

So make sure you go to our site Http:// to read all our reviews and more
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Night Terrors Haunted House Review

Hello all,
This week we reviewing a great haunt that we went to last weekend,
Last weekend we went to Night Terrors Located at Wiard's Apple Orchid, in Ypsilanti Michigan.
Now there is 6 haunts in one location so we are going to have a review for each haunted attraction. and reminder all reviews get a 1 trough 6 skull rating.

So here it is

Hayride of the lost: Every year I got to Night Terrors, I always look forward to Hayrides of the lost, its one of my favorite hayrides around. It has a lot of good scenes that you don't see at hayrides. The scares was pretty good, probley one of the scariest I been on. Its also has a good story line to it as well. The one problem is if you been there before it hasn't change much. But it is still one of my favorites at Night Terrors
So we give Hayrides of the lost a good 5 out of 6 skulls

The Labyrinth Haunted maze: The Labyrinth had some good parts ad bad points. I like the idea of it, of a haunted maze but the maze was way to easy to navigate, When I went trough it we only got screwed up ounce and also there wasn't much actors in the whole haunt. So it wasn't that scary, But it is fun to go trough if you just want to have a good time, but if you want to get scared out of your mind then the Labyrinth is not the best.
So we give The Labyrinth 3 out of 6 skulls.

Allen Caged Clowns: This is by far the worst haunt at Night Terrors. I really do not like saying that but it was pretty bad. Its basically a big room with strobe lights going off and fog machines with 2 actors. It is really short, but they have a good vortex in it, It might scare you if you are Affraid of clowns but if not it's not going to scare you. If it was longer and more scenes I think it would be a good haunt.
So our offical Rating is 2 out of 6 Skulls

The Asylum: This is my all time favorite haunt at Night Terrors, This haunt is insaine! There is a lot of great scenes, and great scares. Right from the start you are bassically running trough the haunt. While you get confused and lost, They had a lot of great props in it as well. One thing I loved about this haunt was it strictly old school, just actors and props scaring you. Another thing I liked about it was it was really dark unlike some haunts there, you had to feel your way trough the whole haunt. I Think this is a must go if you are going to Night Terrors.
So we give Asylum a good: 6 out of 6 Skulls.

The Mind Shaft: This is the most creative haunt at Night Terrors. Its very louad and in your face kind of a haunt. I really didn't get scared but the props are just so awesome! It really makes you feel your going trough a mine. It is aslo a long haunt, so you get your moneys worth. You also haft to do a lot of hands on stuff in the Mind Shaft liek crawling trough holes, which I enjoy. So if you go to Night terrors The Mind Shaft is a must.
We give the Mind shaft a 4 out of 6 skulls.

The Ultamate Haunted barn: This haunt has been good over the years I been going to Night Terrors, but i was kinda of dissappointed of it, I mean it had its good scares and good scenes, but it was kinda short, like all of a sudden you are done with the haunt. I didnt really like that part much. But it did have some gory scenes and old school scares which I did Enjoy. But if it was longer I think it would be better.
So we give the Ultamate barn a good 4 out of 6 skulls!

We hope you enjoyed our review of Night Terrors we had a great time and its worth the drive form anywhere, We also went to Dadly Intentions but we will review that haunt later this week.
This weekend we are attending the Extreme Scream and Slaughtered at Sundown

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Demonic Demons and Scream Machine Haunted House Review

Hello all,
This week starts our first ever haunted house reviews for the 2010 haunt season for our 4th annual Hauntober Celibration!
Hauntober is when we go to local haunts around Michigan and Ohio and we review the, giving them a 1-6 Skull Rating. 1 being the worst 6 being the best!
Last weekend we went to our first haunts of the year.
Scream Machine and Demonic Demons,
So we are going to combine both reviews in one newsletter!

So here is our first review

Scream Machine, located at Taylor,Michigan- Now this has been my 5th time going to the Scream Machine, but I havent been there in a couple years, and I am glad I returned. This haunt has been good over the years but they never changed there set up. But this year they combined 2 haunts Scream Machine and Creepy Clowns in 3d which made it worth the moey. The thing I really liked about it was the lay out of the haunt. You would go from a pitch dark tight area, then go to a open spot. I really liked that because you would get scared at both scenes. I also liked how they wouldn't just scare the leader they would get the whole group at differnt times trough out the haunt. I also enjoyed the props they were really graphic looking. But they wouldn't just scare trough props but they also had a goo amount of live actors. So it was an old school haunt and a new style haunt, so you get the best of both worlds. The one thing I disliked about the Scream Machine is I wished it was a tad bit longer, you kinda just walk right out. But other then that it was a really great haunt, one of the best in the Downriver Community! A must go!
Offical rating for Scream Machine is: 5 out of 6 Skulls
Go to there site at

Demonic Demons, Location Detroit,Michigan: This was my first year going to Demonic and I was very impressed and pretty damn tired after going trough. This haunt is very nuts your getting chassed around, your getting shot at, you haft to crawl around. Its deffently a haunt you want to consider on not going if you have heart proplems! Its absoutly crazy, it's a haunt you will never forget about. I enjoyed everything about this haunt and it was a resonable length to. Now as good as this haunt was there wasn't a lot of people attending it. But this haunt will make you sweat fear, its very a intense haunt and like I said its not made for everyone and I am not saying that just to sound scary. If you can handdle the intense scares then this haunt is for you.
We give Demonic Demons a good 5 out of 6 skulls!

We hope you enjoyed our first reviews of the season! We are really pumped up so far and we got 3 weeks left. This weekend we are going to do a live on location at Wiards Orchid Night Terrors Saturday October 8th at 8 so come join us and MCHC crew for a night of scares and fun!
We also will have a video for it to, and we are going Deadly Intetnions haunted house as well.
So make sure you check out our site, we have a special video page just for the haunt season and we also have all our reviews so far up so make sure you go to Http:// to read more
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