Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Demonic Demons and Scream Machine Haunted House Review

Hello all,
This week starts our first ever haunted house reviews for the 2010 haunt season for our 4th annual Hauntober Celibration!
Hauntober is when we go to local haunts around Michigan and Ohio and we review the, giving them a 1-6 Skull Rating. 1 being the worst 6 being the best!
Last weekend we went to our first haunts of the year.
Scream Machine and Demonic Demons,
So we are going to combine both reviews in one newsletter!

So here is our first review

Scream Machine, located at Taylor,Michigan- Now this has been my 5th time going to the Scream Machine, but I havent been there in a couple years, and I am glad I returned. This haunt has been good over the years but they never changed there set up. But this year they combined 2 haunts Scream Machine and Creepy Clowns in 3d which made it worth the moey. The thing I really liked about it was the lay out of the haunt. You would go from a pitch dark tight area, then go to a open spot. I really liked that because you would get scared at both scenes. I also liked how they wouldn't just scare the leader they would get the whole group at differnt times trough out the haunt. I also enjoyed the props they were really graphic looking. But they wouldn't just scare trough props but they also had a goo amount of live actors. So it was an old school haunt and a new style haunt, so you get the best of both worlds. The one thing I disliked about the Scream Machine is I wished it was a tad bit longer, you kinda just walk right out. But other then that it was a really great haunt, one of the best in the Downriver Community! A must go!
Offical rating for Scream Machine is: 5 out of 6 Skulls
Go to there site at

Demonic Demons, Location Detroit,Michigan: This was my first year going to Demonic and I was very impressed and pretty damn tired after going trough. This haunt is very nuts your getting chassed around, your getting shot at, you haft to crawl around. Its deffently a haunt you want to consider on not going if you have heart proplems! Its absoutly crazy, it's a haunt you will never forget about. I enjoyed everything about this haunt and it was a resonable length to. Now as good as this haunt was there wasn't a lot of people attending it. But this haunt will make you sweat fear, its very a intense haunt and like I said its not made for everyone and I am not saying that just to sound scary. If you can handdle the intense scares then this haunt is for you.
We give Demonic Demons a good 5 out of 6 skulls!

We hope you enjoyed our first reviews of the season! We are really pumped up so far and we got 3 weeks left. This weekend we are going to do a live on location at Wiards Orchid Night Terrors Saturday October 8th at 8 so come join us and MCHC crew for a night of scares and fun!
We also will have a video for it to, and we are going Deadly Intetnions haunted house as well.
So make sure you check out our site, we have a special video page just for the haunt season and we also have all our reviews so far up so make sure you go to Http:// to read more
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