Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hauntober 2010

Hello all,
Sorry for missing a big newsletter last week but we have been really really busy here with work and school we just didn't have the time.
But we are back and we are officaling kicking off our Hauntober Celebration
Hauntober is when we go to haunted houses and we review them as month go on.

This is our 4th Hauntober and we are making it the best year yet, we have tons and tons of new plans and more haunts we are attending to make your haunting season the best yet,

We want to first show you our new hauntober picture created by V.P Craig Z.Photobucket

Now here is our official plans for Hauntober, This year we are having videos on location at a couple of haunted attractions and we are also making videos live from our own haunted attraction The yard of Terror.

We also want people to join us at the haunts and we will be posting events on Facebook and Myspace we want you to join us and share the fear with MCHC!

Now like we have said before this year we are going to more haunts then any year before,
So here is official list of haunted Attractions we are attending this year!

1. Night Terrors Thrill Park, Wiard's Orchid Michigan
2.Scream Machine, Taylor Michigan
3. Extreme Scream, Waterford Michigan
4. The Haunting, Adrain Michigan
5. Demonic Demons, Detroit Michigan
6. Fear Factory, Mt.Clmens, Michigan
7: Wicked Hill Scram Park, Birch Run, Michigan
8. Haunted Farm of Terror, Lenox Twp, Michigan
9.Saint Lucifers, Grandblank, Michigan
10. Millers big red haunted hayride, Romeo Michigan

Those are the haunts that we are attending this year, now we can't promise that we can attend all of these haunts but we will try our best.
Now make sure you keep up on our facebook to attend the haunts with us!
This weekend we are going to Scream Machine and Demonic Demons

Also our site will be up dated with our reviews and more, also next week we will have our info for The Yard of Terror in Taylor Michigan

We hope you keep us with us for Hauntober, and come join us at Taylor Michigan this Saturday at the Screm Machine Haunted Attraction at 8 to get the shit you know what out of you
Tuesday we will have a review for you, the first of the 2010 season!
Make sure to look us up on Facebook
And go to our myspace.com/motorcityhorrorclub
and find your fear will be up all haunt season to
Also Check our site Http://mchc60.50webs.com

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