Monday, March 30, 2009

The Reason why Michigan is the Haunt Capital of the World!

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This week we got another great article for you it's about How Michigan is the Haunt Capital of the World! I think you guys will enjoy this article
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Haunted Attractions have been in the state of Michigan since the beginning of haunted houses. Especially in the Downriver area their were large haunts and small local haunts all across the downriver area and pretty much the lower part of the state! Now the reason why Michigan can be called the Haunt Capital of the world is pretty easy to explain.
In Michigan their are hundreds of haunts all over the state. Most haunted houses in one state. But we have such good haunts around here. Too many to count but we do have a lot. Now are haunts are not rated the scariest in the world but that dose not matter. Haunted Houses here are awesome we got small haunts,large haunts,gory haunts. Hell we even got a haunted house that's in the book of world records for the most largest haunted house ever (Erebus haunted house in Pontiac) Their are so many great haunts here that their is a newspaper made just for haunted houses in Michigan. But anyways if you go to any other state and go too their haunted attractions they properly can't compete with our haunted houses. People here in Michigan love being scared or scaring other's and you can tell that by the way everyone gets excited every October because it's time to be scared by one of our great haunts here.
Even though were having problems in Detroit and many other cites in Michigan. We can still re lie on our haunted attractions too be their!
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Deadly News preview 3-30

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This week we will be having another article called Haunted Houses in Michigan: Haunt Capitol of the World!
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Haunted Attractions-Then and Now!

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On this newsletter we have another article for you for our Haunted History Month.
Last week we went over the history of haunted attractions well this week we are going to tell how much the haunted houses have Changed!

Haunted Attractions Then: back in the 60's and the 70's haunted houses were very short and cheaply made. Almost all the scenes were set up in the dark. Their was no expensive props. Most of the props were homemade by the owners of the haunt. Haunted houses were really cheap ticket price back then. Part of the reason was their was not a lot of space. So it was not that long. But they still did the job for scaring people. Haunted houses back then started old school haunts! Old school haunts are haunts that were more dependent on the actors scaring the visitors not the props.

Haunted Attractions Now: Now a days haunts are much larger and gorier. The props are a lot better but not as cheap. Haunted attractions owners can spend thousands of dollars for props. But let me tell you these props are a really realistic. Also they have props that are like robots. Which now a days haunts use that kind of props that are more realistic. But still haunts still use the old school style of scaring people. Now their are also haunted houses and haunted attractions every were you go in the untied states. Also haunting is become a million dollar industry with high tech props and gory scenes.
So I hope you enjoyed our article and next week we will have another article called Haunted Houses and Michigan The Reason why Michigan is the Haunt Capital of the World! so look forward too that. also reminder to check our site for the pictures and articles for our haunted history month.
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Sunday, March 22, 2009


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Well we are still doing the Haunted History month which is going pretty good right now. Now we will be posting a new article this week too. But don't really no what day it will be up. So just wait. but i can promise you it will be up before Wednesday.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

History of Haunted Attractions!

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Were have another article for our Haunted History Month! This week we are telling you the history of haunted Attractions!

Well haunted attractions were basically a garage type of a deal were you would have fake props and cheesy scenes. The garage type haunts were not as long as a haunted house you will find today. But it was mostly to scare people for the fun of it not for the profit type deal like you will find today. Now from the garage type of haunts it got more real when Jaycees (Junior Chamber International) started making more haunted houses that were much longer the the garage type haunts! Now Jaycees haunts were run by volunteers. But they did start charging people to get in their haunted attractions! Now Jaycees was the founder of making a profit for scaring people for fun. Which will flip the haunt world up side down. Now a days haunts are much more better then it was back in the day. Haunted attractions have gotten a lot larger and props were a lot better now. We got haunts that are 4 stories tall.
Haunted attractions in the Untied States scare about 12,000,000 people a year! Also their are still a large amount of garage type haunts and Jaycees haunted houses all over the Untied States!
That was the history of Haunted Attractions! Now next week we will be writing another article about: Haunted Attractions Then & Now! So stay tuned for that.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haunted History Month

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We got something new plan for you for this month and in early April. We are celebrating our Haunted History month. Which our clubs way to Dedicate to haunted attractions. Now we know that it is not October but we wanted to take a month or so to tell history of Haunted Attractions and what makes them so scary. and many more interesting articles of all about Haunted houses and Halloween.
So lets start right off right from the beginning.
The History of Halloween:
Halloween gets it start by Celtic festival known as Samhain. The celebration of Samhain is at the end of the harvest Season. Its also known as the Celtic-New year. The festival was calibrated on October 31st. The Celts believed that October 31st was the boundary the living and the deceased dissolved and the dead became dangerous for the living by causing problems like sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would include having bonfires into which the bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown in. Costumes and masks were worn to attempt to copy evil spirits.
On Halloween or All Hollows Eve Celtics would but a skeleton in front of their window still to represent the departed. Lanterns were in northern Europe were first carved from a turnip or rutabaga.
Halloween Now:
Well Halloween is most cases is not a festival but a holiday in most country's. Now a days kids or some adults go out Trick or Treating for candy every October 31st. Halloween is one of the largest holidays next to Christmas. During the month of October Haunted houses going on and costumes and Halloween props being sold trough the country.
So that was the history of Halloween. Which is my favorite holiday. I got my information from Now next week we will start going trough the history of Haunted attractions. So stay tuned for that. and all of our articles will be on our website so make sure you check that out!
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Welcome to Haunted History Month

Hello were back this week with a all new plan for March and April.
Now this new idea is not anything like we had in the past! Their is no voting no reviews on anything. We will be bringing you the History of haunted attractions.
To celibrate our Haunted History month.
So make sure to read our Newsletter starting this week for Haunted history month!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

30 Days of Night Movie Review!

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This edition of our newsletter were going to have a Horror Movie review of a kinda of new movie. We are reviewing the Movie 30 Days of Night which came out in 2008.
30 days of night Pictures, Images and Photos
30 Days of Night was not as good as I thought it would be. To me it was extremely overrated. It got to much credit then it actually deserved. But before I go in depth on the review let me tell you what the movie is actually about. 30 days of night is about the small town of Barrow,Alaska. In which the town is preparing for 30 Days of night were they don't see sun for 30 days. But during the vampires come to feed.
Being I am not the biggest vampire movies fan I still watched it. Now the plot of the movie was really good. Also the movie being in Alaska I thought that was very creative. Now it was not a typical Vampire Movie. It was a lot more gorier and the actual vampires looked way different then you would think a vampire would look like. They looked bad ass to me. But the thing I did not like was that it was kinda of annoying when you ever see the vampire it would scream and to me the scream was very annoying. Also another thing was it kinda bored me at some parts. But it was way too overrated their is a lot more better movies out their. So our final review for 30 Days of Night is....3 out of 6 skulls!
I know I had mention too you guys about Nightmare Sinema but in the past. But I actually got the time to watch them last Saturday night and let me tell you the show as gotten a lot funnier then the past. It also shows really good movies too. So make sure you watch Nightmare Sinema every Saturday night a Midnight on My TV 20 Detroit! also go to their site
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Monday, March 2, 2009

New Month Maybe New Plans!

Well as we come into a new month. We are running out of some ideas for the club. Now it is those kinda months were their is nothing really to do. other then horror movies reviews. but were trying to think of something cool to do. So as of right now we got to make some plans. But we have another Horror Movie Review for you 30 Days and Night.
but be advise of a couple weeks off in the future