Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Paranormal Activity Review and Holiday of Horrors Kick Off

Hello all,
This week we kick off our new segment in the club called Holidays of Horrors.
Holiday of Horrors is where we all we do for the month is review horror movies. We try to review the latest horror movies and we will trow in some old movies as well.
Now on our site we are going to put up all of our Horror Movie Reviews on the main page of our site so you can read all the reviews we have done plus the new reviews as well.
So to kick off Holidays of Horrors we have a brand spanking review off.....
Paranormal Activity
Paranormal Activity Pictures, Images and Photos

Now when this movie came out I didn't know what to think about it because it really didn't catch my eye. Now when I finally did see it I wasn't shocked that it wasn't scary. This movie had some great scenes in it but to me I wasn't jumping out of my seat like the previews showed. The only good thing about the whole movie is the ending. But if watched the preview for it you pretty much new that was going to happen. I ain't going to lie Paranormal Activity is pretty creepy at some parts in the film. But its not going to make you never sleep with the lights off again. But I will say it makes you wonder if that can actually happen. One things I really like about the film is that they make it so real. It's all shot on an home video camera which makes more creepy. But to me I think it is worth giving it a try to see what you might think about it. If you are thinking your gonna get scared to death then you are wrong. But it is a pretty cool movie to see even if you don't get scared to death
So our official rating for Paranormal Activity is: 3 out of 6 Skulls!

Well that is our first review for our Holidays of Horrors celebration and make sure you go to our site http://mchc60.50webs.com to see all our horror movie reviews.
Next week we are reviewing... The Fourth Kind!!
We also like to tell about one of our sponsors Channel 66.6 Haunted Radio is having there 4th annual Cruel Yule Where they will have holiday themed songs,reviews and so much more so make sure you go to there site http://hauntedradio.50webs.com to download there podcast
So stay tuned for next weeks newsletter

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