Thursday, March 31, 2011

The reason why Michigan is the Haunt capital of the world!

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The Reason why Michigan is the Haunt Capital in the world!

Haunted Attractions have been in the state of Michigan since the beginning of haunted houses. Especially in the Downriver area their were large haunts and small local haunts all across the downriver area and pretty much the lower part of the state! Now the reason why Michigan can be called the Haunt Capital of the world is pretty easy to explain.
In Michigan their are hundreds of haunts all over the state. Most haunted houses in one state. But we have such good haunts around here. Too many to count but we do have a lot. Now are haunts are not rated the scariest in the world but that dose not matter. Haunted Houses here are awesome we got small haunts,large haunts,gory haunts. Hell we even got a haunted house that's in the book of world records for the most largest haunted house ever (Erebus haunted house in Pontiac) Their are so many great haunts here that their is a newspaper made just for haunted houses in Michigan.

But anyways if you go to any other state and go too their haunted attractions they properly can't compete with our haunted houses. People here in Michigan love being scared or scaring other's and you can tell that by the way everyone gets excited every October because it's time to be scared by one of our great haunts here.

Even though were having problems in Detroit and many other cites in Michigan. We can still re lie on our haunted attractions too be their to scare the CRAP OUT OF YOU!

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