Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haunted Attractions Then & Now

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This week we are back in action continuing our Haunted History Month celibration. Were we tell the history of all things horror and haunted houses.
Well this week we got a new article. This is a continue to last weeks article History of Haunted Attractions.

This weeks article is Haunted Attractions Then & Now.

Haunted Attractions Then: back in the 60's and the 70's haunted houses were very short and cheaply made. Almost all the scenes were set up in the dark. Their was no expensive props. Most of the props were homemade by the owners of the haunt. Haunted houses were really cheap ticket price back then. Part of the reason was their was not a lot of space. So it was not that long. But they still did the job for scaring people. Haunted houses back then started old school haunts! Old school haunts are haunts that were more dependent on the actors scaring the visitors not the props.

Haunted Attractions Now: Now a days haunts are much larger and gorier. The props are a lot better but not as cheap. Haunted attractions owners can spend thousands of dollars for props. But let me tell you these props are a really realistic. Also they have props that are like robots. Which now a days haunts use that kind of props that are more realistic. But still haunts still use the old school style of scaring people. Now their are also haunted houses and haunted attractions every were you go in the untied states. Also haunting is become a million dollar industry with high tech props and gory scenes.

We hope you enjoyed our article, Next weeks article is.. The Reason why Michigan is the haunt capital of the World.

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