Wednesday, March 16, 2011

History of Haunted Attractions

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Last week we started our Haunted History Month witch is were we tell you guys about the history of everything horror.

Last week we told you The History of Halloween, well this week we continue Haunted History Month with our new article..... The History of Haunted Attractions

The History of Haunted Attractions
Well haunted attractions were basically a garage type of a deal were you would have fake props and cheesy scenes. The garage type haunts were not as long as a haunted house you will find today. But it was mostly to scare people for the fun of it not for the profit type deal like you will find today. Now from the garage type of haunts it got more real when Jaycees (Junior Chamber International) started making more haunted houses that were much longer the the garage type haunts! Now Jaycees haunts were run by volunteers. But they did start charging people to get in their haunted attractions! Now Jaycees was the founder of making a profit for scaring people for fun. Which will flip the haunt world up side down. Now a days haunts are much more better then it was back in the day. Haunted attractions have gotten a lot larger and props were a lot better now. We got haunts that are 4 stories tall.

Haunted attractions in the Untied States scare about 12,000,000 people a year! Also their are still a large amount of garage type haunts and Jaycees haunted houses all over the Untied States

We hope you enjoyed our atricle and next weeks article is Haunted Attractions Then and Now!!

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