Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We are Back in Action!!

Hello all,
After many, many, weeks we are finnally back in action here at MCHC.
We know it has been a long time we have posted any thing for the club and we are sorry for kinda disspereing from everyone with out notice. We have been really busy with everything, School, Work, and just life in genreal. We were so busy that when it came down to making a newsletter we just let it go to the next week, and weeks became months and we decided that it would be easier to wait to school is over with to ever do anything with the club. We are sorry again but it was becoming to be a job to do this every week and it was so much eaiser to wait.
But guess what? school is over with and we are back in action. We are currnetly thinking of great ideas for the summer and more.
We are going to start up with a new segment starting next week.
We are going to start our Summer of Screams celebration.
We also want to let you know if you got any ideas for the club please email us at, we would love any new suggestions for the club.
We are sorry for missing so long but we are glad to say we are back in action for good.
Thanks for staying with MCHC and make sure to check out our site
We will see you next week

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