Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Week to Vote!!!

Hello all,
Now we would to say sorry that we had no news letter last week. We had to take a week off because we have been really busy with work and we on a hunting trip and didn't get back to Tuesday.

Now this weeks newsletter is a mixture of 2 things.
The first thing we would like to say is this your last week to vote for the Best Haunted House in Michigan.
We have been reminding you since the start of this month and now its down to the last week.
So far we have gotten a lot of votes and when i say a lot I mean it. Now I think someone is overloading the votes but that is out of my hands now.
But if you vote please only vote ONE TIME!! we want a fair election!
Now voting will end Sunday November 29th at 10:00 pm Eastern Time
and the winners of our elections will be announced Monday November 30th and that would be the end of The 2009 Hauntober Elections
Now here is how to vote. Go to our site http://mchc60.50webs.com and Click on Hauntober Election Picture. Pick the category you wish to vote on and Cast your vote!
The Category's are Best Haunted House,Goriest Haunted House,Best Haunted Hayride,Best Haunted Woods/Maze and Best Haunted House in the Nation!
So vote now!! You only got one more week left!

The 2nd thing we would like to talk about is our Holidays of Horrors 2009!
Holidays of Horrors is were we celebrate the best horror movies of 09 and put together reviews of them. We will have the complete list of movies we are reviewing for holidays of horrors next Tuesday.
So stay tuned for Holidays of Horrors 2009!
We hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving and have fun spending time with love ones
and make ssure you vote
Website: http://mchc60.50webs.com
Thanks for reading

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